Financial Reporting

Finance departments are challenged everyday with more reporting demands by executives, boards and external agencies. This diverse audience also increasingly wants more transparent and quicker responses. On the other hand, CFOs want more analysis to discover opportunities and insights.

Financial Reporting

Visual Finance Analysis

Self-Service Finance Visual Dashboards

Visualization dashboards with rich interactive functions empower finance professionals with unprecedented self-service information and exploration. This, in turn, minimizes follow-up explanation otherwise needed by information consumers.

Financial visual analysis dashboards

Machine Learning Powered Forecasts and Insights

Machine learning uses accumulated data for forecasting, the discovery of irregularities, and for auditing. It not only saves finance professionals precious time but also delivers findings that are hidden in data.

Financial machine learning dashboard

Online and Offline Finance Reporting and Statements

InetSoft's data intelligence software further provides pixel-perfect document reports. Document reports are especially suitable for dual online and offline use. When used online, a document report is live with interactive functions such as streaming, searching and page jumping. The paginated nature of document reports allows large amounts of formatted information be delivered to customers or external entities easily.

Financial Statement Document

Finance Data Consolidation and Mashup

The finance department interacts with many areas. Consolidating data from various systems and departments can be a very challenging task. This often is the source of spreadsheet hell that breaks data lineage and causes inconsistent reporting. InetSoft's data mashup technology is an elegant solution.

Data mashup is designed for business analysts. With rich connections to enterprise software data sources, business analysts can further mix in Excel data to do tasks such as experimenting with forecasted model data.

Financial Data Mashup

Other Sample Finance Analysis

  • Expense monitoring and management
  • Risk management and audits
  • Procurement and supply chain management
  • What-if scenario modeling

finance dashboards & reports