Data Intelligence for Construction

For the construction industry, it has become essential to have large-scale automated data monitoring and report generating functionality incorporated into existing operational systems to manage a multitude of data. Modern construction projects require timely reports to meet project schedules and costs accordingly.

Visualization Dashboards for the Construction Industry

InetSoft provides a comprehensive data analytics tool for all construction analytics and reporting requirements of executives and stakeholders alike.

Flexibly-priced and easier to deploy and administer than traditional business intelligence solutions, InetSoft's Java-based, zero-client application makes an attractive option for evaluation.

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Spotlight on Construction Industry Applications

An increasing number of construction companies are needing information that is spread across multiple data formats in databases for employee payrolls, job hazards, csv files for current orders, reports sent out to stakeholders merged into single reports.

InetSoft's business intelligence software offers a customizable security management system at the user and data levels that allows different users (foremen, project managers, company executives and stakeholders) with different data access privileges to view the appropriate information. Construction analytics and dashboard features allow company executives to perform analytical operations that 'slice and dice' data from summary company statistics to the each employee type to perform cost benefit analysis.

Some construction dashboard features allow project managers to track and manage shipments as well as current roles by employees and sub contractors. Foreman can track individual employee performance to cut down on costs and stick to production timelines more accurately. Additionally, localization features enable report generation for users from non-English speaking backgrounds (Spanish, Chinese, Japanese, etc.).

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A Study of Gypsum Management & Supply Inc. (GMS)

GMS is the largest independent distributor of drywall, acoustical and other specialty building materials in the United States and operates in 26 states, through a network of 43 subsidiary companies and more than 130 distribution centers. GMS is also a leading distributor of acoustical products including ceiling tile, grid, and FRP panels used in commercial applications.

In addition to wallboard and acoustical products, GMS distributes metal framing, insulation, ready-mix joint compound, and various other related interior construction products. In total, GMS and its subsidiary companies distribute over 10,000 unique products.

GMS users generate and print reports, create graphs, and view a snapshot of their current business performance. Dashboards and reports will be created from data mashups across multiple data sources. For the first time key performance measures will be consolidated into one system at GMS to provide easy access and enabling even better informed business decisions. GMS cited ease of integration with existing operational systems, flexibility in the design process and cost-effectiveness from a licensing perspective as key factors in the decision to select Style Intelligence.

Other BI Applications in Construction

  • Accident rate monitoring
  • Cash available forecasting
  • Client satisfaction reporting
  • General administration
  • Project management
  • Working day efficiency analysis
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Reasons Why Organizations Choose InetSoft

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"Customer service is the best I've encountered among software vendors. All the technicians are extremely knowledgeable, patient and will make every effort to accommodate your schedule and resolve the issue in a timely manner. "
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"I spent months looking for the best dashboard/reporting app to suit my business. I literally tried and tested every application out there and I have to say that the Style Intelligence App is by far the best. It is simple to use and it is absolutely brilliant if you are needing dashboards on custom objects." - Jacki A.