Business Intelligence for Insurance

The data management needs of insurance companies are among the largest, most diverse, and most complex of any major industry. InetSoft’s business intelligence platform can serve as the fulcrum to disparate and seemingly unwieldy data sources while providing a vantage point from which decision makers can survey the chaotic landscape below.

Automated parameterized reports keep managers in the know, while a robust toolset allows users to weave quantitative analysis, qualitative alerts, and predictive insurance analytics into a seamless process that can effectively increase revenue, control costs, and help to manage risk.

Custom dashboards accentuate metrics that must be improved upon in order to meet minimum standards set for key performance indicators like: number of days claims are open, claims where initial liability decision is not made within statutory time frame, percentage of claims with missing documentation, etc...


A prominent insurance company needs to determine which product lines have the potential to produce the most revenue according to customer segment. In order to do so, they must first analyze who their current customers are and where they are located.

Using InetSoft allows enterprises to swiftly evaluate multi-dimensional data with simple user created visual representations and the flexible pricing structure affords regional offices with the opportunity to view a complete and accurate picture of their customer base and plan accordingly.

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Other Business Intelligence Applications for Insurance

  • Sales and marketing management
  • Pricing of products and serviced
  • Agent performance analysis
  • Fraud detection/prevention
  • Geographic cluster analysis
  • Claims management
  • Compliance with regulations
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Some of InetSoft's Customers in the Insurance Industry

  • ING North America Insurance Group
  • Canal Insurance Company
  • Great American Insurance Group

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