Business Intelligence Solutions for Midsize Enterprises

InetSoft addresses the challenges faced by midsize enterprises where IT resources are limited. We provide tools for reporting, analysis, dashboards, and monitoring in a single, small footprint package.


A mid sized business has across-the-board document generation, reporting, and analysis needs. Unlike big corporations, there is no dedicated business intelligence team to support a sophisticated data warehouse. Data is collected in one relational database and it must serve as the base for all of these needs. Sales and marketing departments need customer related document generation such as quotes, orders, and invoices. Customer service departments need reports for customer issue status and distribution. Operation and finance departments need accounts payable and accounts receivable reports. Management needs to have the flexibility to drilldown and analyze each department's performance.

InetSoft's complete business intelligence application fulfills all of these requirements. Most noteworthy is our interactive dashboard capability, which permits management to perform sophisticated drilldown and slice-and-dice operations against source systems and data mashups.

executive dashboard
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Other Sample Applications

  • Operational reports
  • Sales and Marketing analysis
  • Quote, invoice and order generation
  • Exception monitoring

Some of our customers

  • Superior Information
  • Skybox
  • HRSmart

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