Business Intelligence Dashboards in Steel Manufacturing

For many steel manufacturing companies, it has become essential to have large-scale automated data monitoring and report generating functionality incorporated into existing operational systems to manage big data in manufacturing. Modern manufacturing companies require timely reports to meet project schedules and costs accordingly.

InetSoft provides a comprehensive software application for all of the reporting and analytic requirements of executives and stakeholders alike. Flexibly priced and easier to deploy and administer than traditional business intelligence solutions, InetSoft's Java-based, zero-client application makes an attractive option for evaluation.

Spotlight on Steel Manufacturing
Industry Applications

An increasing number of manufacturing companies are needing information that is spread across multiple data formats in databases for employee payrolls, job hazards, csv files for current orders, and reports sent out to stakeholders merged into single reports.

InetSoft's business intelligence software offers a customizable security management system at the user and data levels that allows different users (foremen, project managers, company executives and stakeholders) with different data access privileges to view the appropriate information. Analysis and dashboard features allow company executives to perform analytical operations that 'slice and dice' data from summary company statistics to each employee type to perform cost benefit analysis.

The same dashboard features allow project managers to track and manage production lines and supplies from iron ore companies and coal companies as well as costs incurred by various electricity companies. A foreman can track individual employee performance to cut down on costs and stick to production timelines more accurately.

Steel Industry KPIs and BI Applications

Steel companies can track industry specific KPI's in real time:

  • Monitor CO2 emissions to meet government regulations
  • Track shipments to factory from suppliers and shipments to customers from various shipping companies
  • Track products along various points in production lines
  • Account for machine stoppages to reroute orders in real time

Other sample business intelligence applications

  • Business monitoring
  • Sales tracking
  • General administrations (payroll and appraisal)

Reasons Why Organizations Choose InetSoft

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G2 Crowd High Performer

"Using Style Scope from InetSoft gave us the ability to provide a graphical representation of the key data to top management right 'out-of-the-box' and move from static tables of numbers to charts and graphics that are much easier to understand."
- Sergio R.


"I spent months looking for the best dashboard/reporting app to suit my business. I literally tried and tested every application out there and I have to say that the Style Intelligence App is by far the best. It is simple to use and it is absolutely brilliant if you are needing dashboards on custom objects." - Jacki A.