Data Intelligence for the Technology Industry

Technology companies face quite a few challenges today from shorter release schedules, intense competition, and being one of the main targets for cyberattacks. InetSoft's business intelligence tool can be a main weapon to win the battles.

Technology Dashboards and Reporting

Dashboards and reporting have become increasingly important components of application software and web services. InetSoft's components can provide embedded information exploration and delivery within this context.

InetSoft's product is embedded into the application through a single sign-on and report embedding mechanism. InetSoft provides advanced report creation options that allow sophisticated algorithms and business logic to drive the reports.

For example, a security software application could feature a network monitoring dashboard based on an alert-driven execution model. This distills actionable insights from a vast amount of data and automatically provide intrusion warnings.

Administrators responsible for different sections of the network also need ad hoc reports on network traffic. InetSoft's zero-client, security-controlled, ad hoc reporting tool offers administrators the full freedom to extract the network information they want.

technology dashboard chart

Other Business Intelligence Applications for Technology Industry

  • Integrated marketing and sales analysis
  • Embedded operational reports
  • Financial analysis
  • Compliance reports
tech dashboards & reports

Some of InetSoft's Customers in the Technology Industry

  • AT&T
  • Telcordia
  • Arcsight