InetSoft's Big Data Analytics Solution for Cities

The Challenge of Big Data for Cities

More than a buzzword for cities, Big Data is the term that describes the endless amounts of data created every day by a city's citizens, agencies, organizations, businesses, sensors, and machines. Understandably a city can struggle to reap the value of all this data. Without specially-trained staff or the latest analytic tools, it can be hard to easily understand the trends, patterns or relationships inside the data.

The value of Big Data is realized when information is extracted from the myriad sources, combined, and interpreted to uncover insights that lead to actions that make a difference in addressing the challenges facing our cities. Cities are complex, dynamic structures. With so many moving parts, they are challenging to predict. Yet, administrations are charged with managing the infrastructure and services with a goal of building a prosperous, resilient city.

One challenge is coping with contrasting areas of expansion and decline along with a diverse and changing populations. In terms of services affecting their economy, health, transportation and education are the essential services that affect anyone who lives, works, or travels in the city. All of these things are interconnected - which makes the analysis and the choice of actions more complex.

city big data analytics application chart

The Opportunity for Big Data

In the quest for economic success, social justice, and sustainability, Big Data can be an extremely powerful asset for cities. Linking data from different sources can break down the barriers between sectors or agencies. Examples of questions that could be asked of the data include: how does transportation usage vary with different weather conditions? Could social media be used for emergency planning?

Big Data allows cities to empower citizens' councils and city halls with better information about their communities and neighborhoods. The application of Big Data can help to tackle and answer hard questions affecting the future of the city, form policy, direct services, and justify budget to address housing, transportation, social and environmental issues.

InetSoft's unified Big Data solution will simplify turning a city's Big Data opportunities into actionable, self-service visual analytics.

About InetSoft

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