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Would you like to improve your visual analysis and interactive dashboard capabilities for your deployment? InetSoft's BI application will take your analysis and dashboarding to the next level. In addition to giving you flashier, more interactive and easier-to-use views of your data, you can mashup your data with other enterprise data sources, web services, and even spreadsheets.

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Optimize Current Performance

Because all of your history is now analyzable, you can spot trends or problems more quickly and take action. Now you can:

  • identify outliers in your sales funnel
  • track if year-to-date sales are on track to hit plan using historical patterns
  • determine what stages of the sale cycle are lengthening by sales rep

Upgrade Your Reporting Capabilities

The reports that come with Salesforce are great, but there are plenty of things you wish you could do with them that now you can with Style Intelligence for Salesforce:

  • schedule reports for email distribution
  • combine multiple views in a single report
  • give more options for printing and exporting reports, including Excel, PDF, PowerPoint, and more
  • build parameterized reports which allow you to select the data you want to view, or automatically see the appropriate data based on security and sharing
  • organize your reports with sub-folders

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Expand Your Dashboarding Power

The dashboard is the hub of your application, but the one that comes standard out of the box isn't the best for everybody, and allows limited interactivity. Let everybody on your team customize their own so that they get the most value out of your investment.

With a HTML5-based interface, Style Intelligence for Salesforce lets anybody create their own dashboard in minutes by simply dragging your fields into charts, gauges, and other objects. Even not-so-technical people will be able to serve themselves by analyzing data within a completed dashboard, minimizing the support overhead for your dashboard and reporting solution.

Other Asked For Features

Style Intelligence for Salesforce solves these problems raised on the IdeaExchange at

  • Show grand totals on dashboard components
  • A single reporting dashboard showing data appropriate to the current user
  • Date range filtering at the dashboard level
  • Color customization in charts
  • Pie charts displaying percentage values

For pricing information and to begin your evaluation of Style Intelligence for Salesforce today please contact InetSoft Sales.

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