Turnkey Cloud-based Business Dashboards

Those who are searching for a faster path to tracking their business performance or lack the IT resources to deploy an advanced data exploration solution should consider InetSoft's agile turnkey cloud-based business dashboard solution.

InetSoft technical staff will take care of all necessary setup procedures for quick deployment. Whether the data is stored on-premise or within the cloud, a technician will configure the connection to your data and create one or more interactive KPI dashboards based on your specifications and business needs.

Information-packed dashboards are intuitively simple for those with little or no IT experience with their easy point-and-click controls.. The simple interface enables any employee to manipulate data and customize their view of a dashboard.

Once implemented, InetSoft's BI software maximizes self-service by giving business-end users control of their data with the abilty to drill through to detail and even import their own data, without any IT support.

Getting Started: How Does it Work?

For a flat one-time charge, InetSoft technicians will configure an instance of InetSoft's Style Intelligence BI dashboard application, which is hosted on the Amazon EC2 cloud platform. They will then connect to your data, build a data mashup across multiple data sources if need be, and create an interactive monitoring or analytical dashboard based on what you would like to see.

If your data is behind a firewall, they will need information from your technical staff to connect to it. After that initial setup, no further additional assistance from your IT team should be needed.

Additional InetSoft-built dashboards can be purchased, and users can use the drag-and-drop design tool to create more dashboards on their own.

There is a monthly subscription charge based on the number of users, and you can choose the levels of permission they can access, from read-only to full-design capabilities, as well as which dashboards and which data they can access.

Advanced Business Intelligence

You can take advantage of InetSoft's industry-pioneering visualization technology to make everything from simple performance tracking charts to multi-dimensional analytical dashboards. Built-in drill to detail capabilities make each interactive dashboard or visual report an effective tool to explore your data and handle your unanticipated, ad hoc reporting questions.

A key strength of InetSoft's business intelligence software is its depth of support for data mashups. The application can access almost any data source and can combine multiple disparate sources to give you a unified view of your business.

For more details on the functions and technical aspects of the BI application, visit the Style Intelligence product page.