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Utility companies face quite a few challenges today from maintaining their doddering infrastructure, tackling a host of competition, to being one of the main targets in cyber attacks. Also with the advent of new technological breakthroughs, they are suddenly trapped with their outdated plants and processes with little or no forewarning. Such a situation can be diverted by investing in a data analytics tool which will provide up-to-date information on shifting markets and consumers and make them more prepared for allocating resources accordingly.

InetSoft's business intelligence software offers the ability to create wide-ranging reports, attractive visual utility dashboards and real-time interactive dashboards. The interactive dashboard shown is just one example of how data can be used to project accountable information. For every power utility company, for example, the ultimate goal is to provide an uninterrupted supply of power.

The dashboard shows all transformers for the company and its utilization, household data of all consumers with projected and actual usage. The sliders with monthly usage and days since reading shows how the graph and household information changes for any change in the range. This allows for better planning over a period of time; e.g., avoiding an overload on any transformer. It also shows average solar energy contribution, if any, and differences in power usage in homes that use solar energy against those that don't.

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Effective Visual Analysis through Charts and Dashboards

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Utility companies are also facing risks in the areas of government regulations, resource availability, air pollution, damage due to natural calamities, getting investors to invest in them, etc. Every utility plant, whether its gas, water, electricity or phone, is different, depending on their source of energy.

If they rely on fossil fuels, the resource cost forms a huge chunk of their operating cost, followed by maintenance and labor. On the other hand, if a plant uses renewable energy, their energy costs are minimal with prohibitive maintenance and labor costs. Interactive dashboards can provide management with up-to-the-minute information, with data directly connected to reporting and constantly updating the visual, as opposed to traditional reports run by IT on a regular basis for decision-making purposes.

Predictive analytics is another area in which business intelligence can benefit utility companies. E.g., planning for a major storm by looking at similar past outages and clearing vegetation in its path, in advance, and having repair crews ready, having a preventive scheduled maintenance of plants based on past records, understanding customer interactions and behavior in order to improve customer service and satisfaction, thus reducing call volumes in call centers.

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Versatility and Ease-of-Use

The software is also capable of connecting to different data repositories, from department databases to personal spreadsheets, and creating data mashups. And best of all, one does not have to be an engineer to operate this small footprint software. Any layman, with an idea for an end report/dashboard, will be able to produce one with InetSoft's easy-to-use drag and drop facilities.

Apart from two-dimensional reports, the software is also capable of creating interactive dashboards, with the capacity to drill down information at the lowest level, and the ability to transport this information onto excel, powerpoint or pdf's. A variety of charts are available, depending on need, from the often used bar graphs, pie charts, line graphs to data sliders and filters to explore and analyze.

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Whatever problems a company may face, whether operational, financial or in the strategic planning area, the solution in many cases boils down to having the right information at the right time. Investment in InetSoft's intelligence software is a cost-effective solution which will ensure payback in leaps and bounds.

Few reasons for a utility company to adopt a business intelligence software is listed below:

  • to ensure the optimum working of the power grid, a utility company needs real-time data to be available, in order to be able to respond to any problems in a timely manner
  • Be able to respond to market opportunities by making timely decisions with available data in the areas of inventory, acquisition and distribution
  • customer satisfaction by tracking complaints and service issues proactively
  • graphs showing market and consumer trend lines showing variances from projected to actual
  • Helps upper management with financial planning

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