Business Intelligence Applications In Any Industry

When it comes to a business, regardless of what industry, you need to have an efficient and effective method of analyzing your organizations raw data, in order to implement business intelligence solutions that can have the greatest benefit. InetSoft’s innovative and user-friendly dashboard software allows you view and analyze your multi-dimensional data in whatever way fits your industry best. Specific benefits for just a few of the industries we service include:


The InetSoft dashboard software allows Health Care providers to view, compare, and analyze their data by utilizing customizable filtering options, allowing for an interactive approach. You can filter by gender, age, cause of death, race, and a diverse array of further customizable options. The user-friendly point-and-click environment provides an easy way to quickly analyze data, as well as share visual analysis with other parties. Our healthcare business intelligence software also requires minimal specialized IT experience, allowing for rapid implementation throughout your business.


As more and more students enroll in educational institutions, it has become readily apparent that large-scale automated data monitoring is a necessity to improve educational practices. InetSoft’s zero-client application is specifically tailored to fit the deployment and budget requirements of educational institutions. This education analytics software allows the analysis of large volumes of data in order to compare student performances against the educational process in place at your institution, as well as allowing various levels of data access so parents, teachers and faculty can view the appropriate information.


The insurance industry has some of the largest, most complex and most un-wieldy raw data collections if any major industry. The InetSoft business intelligence software allows any insurance company to identify which product line has the capability of producing the most revenue based on its customer segment. It is also capable of the creation of automated parameterized reports that allow users to create quantitative analysis, predictive insurance analytics and qualitative alerts, effectively controlling cost, increasing revenue and managing risk.


In the construction industry, it is essential to generate timely reports in order to meet both project schedules and costs. The InetSoft business intelligence dashboard allows employees, based on their security clearance, to access the multitude of data that is spread across multiple data formats that best allows them to perform their responsibilities. Executives can perform analytical operations, project managers can track and manage shipments, and foreman can track individual employee performance, are just a few examples of the way in which the InetSoft construction analytics tools and dashboards can be utilized.

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The industries outlined above are just a fraction of the types of businesses that can reap the benefits of business intelligence software. If you would like to learn more about what InetSoft can do for your business, feel free to explore the InetSoft website to find more information about your specific industry, or view the demos for each of our software solutions. Thank you for choosing InetSoft for your business intelligence needs. Together, we can create a better business.