Top 10 Reasons to Select InetSoft as Your Business Intelligence Provider

We prepared a Top 10 list to help point out some of the differences between our business intelligence solution and the competition’s. The list also provides some answers to frequently asked questions.

Top 10 Reasons to Select InetSoft

1. Rapid Implementation – InetSoft’s solution requires only a web browser for end-users and developers, so deployment time is minimized. An IT person with basic database administration skills can install and set up the software.

2. Shallow Learning Curve – InetSoft’s dashboard software enables intuitive visual analyses constructed in real-time by dropping data items into visual elements such as charts, graphs, and gauges. Users need only Excel-level skills to build dashboards or reports.

3. Low Maintenance Overhead – Faster and easier than a thin client set-up, InetSoft offers a “zero client” solution, which puts minimal stress on your network’s resources and effectively reduces the total cost of ownership to you.

4. Maximum Self-service – From business users to power users, various levels of self-service are possible. Point-and-click visual analysis and drill-through reporting requires no training and meets most ad hoc reporting needs. Complex data transformations and queries are also possible for database analysts. Expensive BI experts or consultants are not needed, which lowers the cost of owning our software.

5. Flexible Adaptation – Whether you have a data warehouse and ETL processes, or not, InetSoft’s robust data access engine, based on our Data Block technology, can access disparate data sources directly. Accommodating transient data source access needs is simple.

6. Data Mashup – Our software offers a unique capability for end-user defined data mashup, which enables business users or analysts to combine data from disparate sources, including imported spreadsheets, without the need for formal data models being pre-defined. Read more about why end-users need data mashup.

7. Simplicity for End-Users – InetSoft’s drag and drop software allows end-users to quickly create sophisticated dashboards and reports. Visual analysis and intuitive point-and-click tools like brushing allow end-users to explore data and identify trends. You can provide easy-to-use pre-built dashboards that are personalizable by end-users.

8. Advanced Capabilities for Analysts – Professional report authoring tools for pixel-perfect publishing can reproduce any existing formatted document. Business logic can be embedded in reports or dashboards via parameterization. Hand written SQL queries and complex joins are possible.

9. Optimized for Embedding – ISV, SaaS providers, and enterprise developers can embed InetSoft’s dashboards and reports in any Web-based application. A full API, the ability to control which functions are available to which users, and support for multi-tenancy all make for an integration-friendly solution.

10. A High Performance, Secure Infrastructure – When necessary, performance is maximized via clustering and caching and can be fine-tuned with optimization techniques, such as automatic pre-aggregation. Data security can be enabled down to the cell level. The security of each visual object, report, and dashboard as well as each operating function is individually configurable.

4. Minimal Impediments to Scale – InetSoft offers the option for unlimited user, CPU-based licensing so you don’t have to pay-per-user or worry about the administrative hassle of having to add more licenses. Additionally, the zero client solution makes InetSoft’s software easily scalable from an IT perspective. The software can be deployed in a cluster of commodity-type servers.