Benefits of Dashboards for Customer Service Centers

As the businesses compete harder, companies are coming up with multiple effective ways to reach customers. In the present day, hardly any businessperson dreams of being in a local business forever. Rather, their primary aim is to reach up to the global customers with their services and commodities.

In such a scenario, most companies need to maintain excellent communication with the customers and hire efficient customer care executives. These customer executives make sure that every customer can present their queries and problems before the company.

Most of the work takes place over the telephone, and in the majority of the cases, things get resolved easily. However, the above phenomenon is possible due to the presence of dashboards that provide visualized data to the customer service managers of a specific business organization.

At present all large and medium businesses and organizations use dashboards at their customer service centers. Furthermore, the BPOs use it too.

Here, you can go through the benefits that a dashboard can provide your company in the field of customer service.

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1. Dashboards Improve Visibility

As customer service is vital for a business, data visibility becomes the primary necessity. A dashboard helps you to get access to all data and functions related to customer service concerning a particular business process. Generally, all dashboards look like a software interface and it consists of multiple sections.

As a customer service executive, you can handle it through a gadget like a desktop, tablet, or smartphone. Due to the clear data visibility, business managers can easily understand if any sort of inefficiency is present in the process and take necessary steps to rectify it.

2. Helps in Making Business Decisions

A dashboard can help customer service executives make crucial decisions to improve their approach towards customers. In the case of business, all departments can get access to a single dashboard and make the common organizational set of decisions and work accordingly in the future.

With the help of a dashboard, data can be tested and stored easily. The stored data can be later used to make annual reports and determine the business's overall performance in a given period. It ultimately ensures better services of a business organization serving the customers all the time.

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3. Dashboards Provides Flexibility

In a business organization dealing with customer service, there must be proper flexibility. It is one of the main parameters on which decision-making also depends. A customer service-oriented business can take a count on flexibility by observing the data provided on the dashboard.

Customer behavior can always change depending upon the socioeconomic condition in which they dwell. It can either be rapid or take place gradually. A customer care executive can understand the changing behavior of the customers by looking at the data on the company dashboard.

4. Acts as a Support System

Physical meetings in a customer service center can be time-consuming. Moreover, in the present Covid crisis, no large organizations can work physically. In such a situation, the dashboard helps the business executives of the customer service center to interact with each other.

Therefore, the dashboard acts like a virtual office space, and people can both interact and share data easily.

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5. No Compromise with Clarity

Dashboards can be beneficial for customer service centers as the data presented in them is always of the best clarity. Also, helps in looking through the company's statistics at a specific point in time.

6. Highly Customizable

Any dashboard present in the customer service centers is customizable. As a result, a particular company can design a specific type of dashboard and operate it according to their need.

Now, as you know the benefits of the dashboard for customer service centers, it is important to know about the matrices on which it works. While knowing these matrices, you can make your team get easily accustomed to the metrics. Continue reading to understand the key metrics customer service managers must monitor.

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KPIs in Customer Service Centers


FC Resolution Rate

The FC Resolution Rate is broadly known as the First-Contact Resolution, and it is the percentage on which the team of customer care executives resolves a particular issue presented by the customers.

In this case, any of the multiple channels can come into play like email, live chat, or phone call.

AR Time

The full form of AR is Average Reply, and it is the time taken on average by a service representative to address and clarify a customer's problem. An experienced service representative generally has a low AR time compared to novice ones.

Ticket Volume

The Ticket Volume is one of the vital dashboard analytics among the customer service centers. It also has a relation with the service representative for the number of tickets present in his support queue in a given period.

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Net Promoter Score

Also known as the NPS, it is the benchmark for customer loyalty. A dashboard present in the customer service center can show the NPS based on the instances when a customer is recommending a business to others.

Customer Retention Rate

The CRR is another vital dashboard analytics to know about. It is often thoroughly checked by the business executives and the customer service managers as the performance of the company depends on it.

The CRR shows the number of customers which a customer executive retains in a specific period. The work efficiency of a customer support executive can also be determined with the CRR.

Rate of Conversion

Conversion rate is also shown on the dashboard as analytics. It is vital as it gives detailed data about the rate at which customers visit a business website and their activities on a website that are desired.

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CSAT Score

The full form of CSAT Score is Customer Satisfaction Score and it is yet another prominent dashboard analytics which the businesses observe in-depth. It shows how the customers are satisfied after a conversion takes place.

The data is vitally dependent on the results of a short survey that the customer service executive takes after providing a service.

Knowing about the dashboard analytics now, you might be thinking about the different setups of dashboards that you can use to enhance customer service. Well, go through the points  given below:

Dashboard for call center analytics: A dashboard for call center analytics can help in keeping track of the customers. It can also help in increasing the productivity of the service and ensure a reasonable profit.

Dashboard for CRM tracking: The CRM tracking dashboard is another great thing that can act as a support system for the customer service center attached to a business. Having a CRM dashboard helps the customer service managers to know the person they are talking to. Moreover, it can be used to store the details of the new customers.

Final Words

Dashboards are gradually becoming an integral part of the BPOs and other business organizations which deal with customers directly. All companies should make sure that the dashboard they are using is able to provide the necessary analytics and the right customer information properly.

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