How Media Companies Use Analytics to Improve Audience Reach

Media is a fast-flowing industry. The rise of social media, IoT, and constant cloud presence is spurring ever shorter spans among viewers and consumers. To stay on top of the game, media companies that produce news, entertainment or marketing content utilize analytics to monitor their audience and target demographic.
When use correctly, analytics tools can predict trends, display consumer behavior and interests, and spot shortfalls to allow businesses to stay competitive.

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What Is Media Analytics?

Analytics involves taking media data (a.k.a. Statistics or big data) you have collected and studying its trends. It may take time to learn what certain patterns of numbers, times, dates, amounts are telling you. Once you figure out what the data means, you can use it to improve your business.

Learning how to evaluate the data you have will lead to better business decisions. For instance, you can keep track of how many people have viewed your video content and for how long. These metrics are highly beneficial if you're a publisher, a digital agency, or even a content creator.

10 Types of Media Companies and How They Use Analytics

A media company communicates to groups of people using informative, entertaining or promotional content. This may include written, audio and video presentations. Here are the different types of media companies that use analytics to improve their performance with target audiences.

News and Literary Publishers

Media companies that broadcast breaking news, sports and weather updates use analytics. Book, magazine, film and TV producers and research companies also take advantage of analytical data.

Publishers usually access the data they need in visual dashboards. When logged into their interfaces where audience viewing data is stored, they can customize the evaluation parameters.

For instance, maybe publishers want to see how many people have watched during a specific time slot and on what type of device. This determines the best slots and locations for ad placement in print, broadcast and book, film or TV productions.

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Game Publishers

Video game publishers have many reasons to rely on dashboard analytics. For instance, they want to know the ages and regions of their popular players; what types of games have the most appeal; or even when most players log on to play. Such information can influence the development of future titles, as well as any marketing drives that can be tailored for specific audiences and timeslots.

Multimedia Creators

Multimedia creators often rely on performance data they collect to evaluate the effectiveness of different media. Knowing who is watching the video and audio presentations that multimedia creators make reveal what's working and what's not. This includes performance evaluations of all types of content, including corporate presentations, video commercials and branded storytelling series. It also measures the popularity of creative TV and film content to estimate viewer ratings.


The rise of the influencer industry has led to handlers and even talent agencies that manage stables of social media personalities. Analytics are a must in this field, since metrics like followers, view counts, and interactions determine the success of an influencer's career and reach.

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Music Production Labels

The rise of the influencer industry has led to handlers and even talent agencies that manage stables of social media personalities. Analytics are a must in this field, since metrics like followers, view counts, and interactions determine the success of an influencer's career and reach.

Music Production Labels

Whether a world-renowned music producer or an independent, local label, analytic tools help. They show music managers, agents, creators and performers what sells and what doesn't in the entertainment industry. Using online interfaces to access target audience data can help guide persons employed in the music industry. It tells all parties involved where their strengths lie and how they can most reach the audiences they want to impact. This also applies to movie, TV and commercial soundtrack producers, by the way. Whenever evaluating performance is necessary, that's what a music company does to improve their reach to the public.

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Ad Agencies

Advertising agencies usually need to know what keywords receive the most destination URL clicks. This may include text, video and audio media created for promotional purposes found using those keywords. It oftentimes involves pay-per-click ad evaluations but also could include organic keyword searches. Ad agencies also use call-to-action performance data as they measure how many people clicked on a CTA button. Similarly, numbers and amounts of sales conversion are included in data stored in online analytical dashboards.

Social Media Marketers

Social media marketers often produce creative content to increase online audience reach. This may include both informative and entertaining short videos. It also might involve posting inspiring quotes on image backgrounds and even the occasional longform social media text post. Moreover, some social media marketers create the multimedia content normally found on business pages. This can also include commercial advertisements. Social media marketers rely on likes, clicks and commenting data when generating performance reports. This tells them what to keep doing and what to change when serving their clients.

SEO Promoters

SEO promoters typically use organic search to help media companies rank high in search engines. This can include pay-per-click ads but usually involves creating high-quality content. SEO promoters may work in-house for a publishing agency or as a third-party provider. Boosting a media company's search engine rankings typically happens after generating regular analytic reports.

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Software Providers

Software providers who create apps often incorporate interactive elements into them. These interactive elements may appear on customer signup forms, on training tutorial sites, or in video games. Accessing analytics as often as possible via a visual dashboard helps them determine what features to keep and what features to discontinue. This process takes place when customers agree to allow app usage data to be sent to them for improvement purposes. Direct customer feedback sent via the app or email could be included in this too.

PR Event Planners

PR (public relations) event planners often coordinate virtual events along with in-person activities. This involves a complex combination of deciding what venues, activities and sponsors to include. PR event planning also may include determining what media companies can provide the most coverage for an individual or a corporation. Non-profit companies also connect with PR planners.

Whatever the event is and the cause it represents, proper analyzing before, during and after the occasion will provide insight. It lets all parties involved in a PR event know what's working, how the promotional climate is changing, and what to do next time an event occurs. Whether a creator or a publisher, it's time to tap into the power of data analytics. Explore the solutions that would benefit your media company the most.