InetSoft Webinar: Quick Examples of Dashboards

Below is the transcript of a Webinar hosted by InetSoft on the topic of New Features in Version 12 of InetSoft's Style Intelligence BI Software. The presenters are Mark Flaherty, CMO at InetSoft, and Byron Igoe, Product Manager at InetSoft.

Byron Igoe (BI): One of the new features in version 12 is that it uses the information about the underlying schema from your database to warn about possible double-counting. So as soon as I added the aggregation on number in stock, it made quantity and total grayed out. I can try to include these in my table, but it may cause double-counting.

So for instance, let me try to add this now. It warns me with a pop-up. A trap is detected that could result in double-counting and inflate the value of the aggregates. Of course, I can override this, if I know what I am doing, or I can back out and undo that last change.

If I actually open up the model, this is based on this physical view, let me open up the physical view, and here is where the cardinality and connectivity between the tables is defined. We will actually automatically detect this, so when I drag from Category ID to Category ID, notice that it detects this as being one-to-many.

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I can also go into the Properties here and change the cardinality between these tables, one-to-one, many-to-many etc. So thatís essentially what I wanted to show on the desktop side in Style Studio. Now I am going to transition into the Web browser.

I just have a couple of quick examples of dashboards to show here. These are just giving you some idea for what can be created on the visualization side of the product. The next dashboard here that I am going to show will also allow me to illustrate one of the new features in version 12.

So here we have the sales information from different angles like Geography, Category, Sales Person and Time. I can do filtering and brushing and all kinds of operations to update all of these charts on the fly. Additionally, end users, as I am acting as one right now, can modify how items are displayed in a chart.

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