Reasons Restaurant Managers Use Dashboards

The management dashboard shows the crucial data expected to deal with an association in a single place. The dashboard mainly lists the objects, important actions, projects and items that need action. A restaurant manager can use a preferred dashboard vendor to help him or her get the right information consistently.

Tracking Sales

Restaurants are busy and have different sales points. There is the sale of food, drinks, bed, laundry, pool and so on. The restaurant manager can have a hard time keeping track of all the sales performed by each department.

The solution to this is the use of a sales dashboard that visually represents all the restaurant's sales information. The sales information is stored in the dashboard and can be retrieved anytime when there is a need.

The dashboard displays several key pieces of information:

  • Inventory updates
  • Revenue collected
  • Rate of conversion
  • Average leads
  • Leakage
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Through the sales dashboard, the manager can tell the continuous performance of his team and if they are headed towards the set goals or moving in the opposite direction. Depending on how the sales performance, the managers can change plans, alter decisions, give rewards, increase allowances and take note of redlines before the restaurant begins to suffer losses.

Without the sales dashboard, restaurant managers can have difficult times managing every sale point and the teams involved to report to the accounting department. The sales team is central to the survival of the business because all transactions go through the sales team. The sales manager can give his sales reports divided into days, weeks, months, bi-weekly and so on.

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Track Suppliers

The restaurant suppliers are like another team of non-official staff because they supply all the needs of the restaurant, without which the business would collapse. The suppliers' list can be long depending on the details of the restaurant business.

There are suppliers for dry foods, green vegetables, fruits, detergents, gas, fabric, furniture, stationery, uniform, etc. The restaurant manager must have a clear record of all the suppliers so that he can reach them anytime the restaurant requires fresh supplies.

The supplier's dashboard is also called the procurement dashboard. It helps the manager keep a clear track of purchases, document for compliance, pre-qualifications, inventory that accounts received and returned goods, etc. Using the supplier's dashboard, the manager can also make reports on what was ordered and the balance in store to prepare a fresh order. The details supplied by the supplier's dashboard as follows: 

  • Names of suppliers
  • Items they supply
  • Quoted cost
  • Items ordered
  • Items in
  • Items out
  • Balance in store
  • Departmental orders

When the supplies manager is equipped with the above details, he will be resourceful to the total operations of the restaurant because every department in the business is interdependent.

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Employees Dashboard

The HR manager has under his supervision tens or hundreds of workers who report at different times of the day and work for a specific number of hours. The HR must record the time when the restaurant worker reported to work, the time they left and the number of hours they worked.

To make his work easier, the HR manager will need a worker's dashboard, also known as an employee dashboard. A human resource dashboard is an intelligent tool that eases the work of the HR by helping him keep track and all the restaurant workers.

Using the dashboard, the HR can also do an analysis and report on the performance of each worker and the total compensation owed to them. The worker's dashboard is also useful during hiring as it enhances the recruitment process and in the optimization of the work environment and tracking the employee performance.

The human resource manager divides the restaurant dashboard into departments and keeps a record of the heads of departments and the teams under them. Each day, the HR can tell who is responsible for what activity and, in their absence, who will be their substitute.

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Online Channels Performance Dashboard

Beyond the restaurant's physical presence, it also has a large online presence on various marketing platforms like emails, blogs, social media and YouTube and the direct phone. The restaurant could be offering boarding services, home deliveries, outdoor catering, events and online booking.

The online restaurant is a different department under an online marketing manager. Clients make calls for inquiries, and then there is the social media audience, the emailing lists, etc. The business that comes through the online channels is recorded in the online channel's dashboard.

The online dashboard, mainly called social media, is used by the online marketing manager to report on the client's engagement with the restaurant across all the online platforms. Using the online dashboard, the manager can extract data from visitors on the various social media platforms like Instagram, Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, Pinterest and YouTube.

When using the online dashboard, the manager can provide real-time data on the number of people who ordered food online, how many people clicked on the restaurant's ads, which online events and contests have been organized by the restaurant, the performance of the email marketing team and on. The restaurant gets updated data and can make informed decisions on various issues.

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The smallest restaurant by size is large enough to give the manager a difficult managing experience throughout the day. The performance of the managers can increase more if they get assistance from machines. The restaurant dashboard can help the manager have an easy time and enjoy doing his work. The future is brighter for the restaurant managers even as more tools get invented to better run the restaurant business.