InetSoft: A Leader Among BI Software Vendors

The ever increasing need for BI software has created a crowded marketplace with an overwhelming array of options. But the right product is one that will create permanent solutions for your company's data interpretational, plus presentational needs, lowering IT costs at the same time. Founded in 1996, InetSoft has spent nearly two decades refining and expanding its software's functionality, keeping ahead of industry needs.

Consistently rated high by its clients, InetSoft has received honors and top marks from BI analysts, becoming one of the benchmarks of quality in the BI software industry. InetSoft's flagship BI software, Style Intelligence, has been successfully deployed at over 5,000 organizations. InetSoft is revolutionizing the field with outside-the-box ingenuity, designing and implementing web-based applications that puts the power of unlimited information access directly into the hands of the end-user.

If you take a moment to download a free evaluation copy of InetSoft's solution, you'll experience firsthand a new approach to multifaceted data integration, as well as the capability to create crisp, clean visualizations and dashboards. With the capability to mashup live data from an unlimited number of sources, Style Intelligence represents a new way of thinking about data that expands the boundaries and capabilities of the BI software industry. InetSoft has taken huge strides in improving the standard of convenience and accessibility for products in the BI industry.

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Style Intelligence: Turning BI Upside Down

InetSoft's BI software, Style Intelligence, approaches the same old BI problems in new and unique ways. A powerful dashboarding and reporting tool, it offers a comprehensive set of utilities for solving nearly any type of data management problem.

Other vendors offer multiple software applications to deal with different issues as they arise, and the implementation of solutions can create time consuming drains on your IT resources. This lengthy process negatively affects overall productivity. Style Intelligence has been created to deal with those issues. The flexibility afforded to data manipulation and the ability to mashup several different sets of data paired into professional visualizations and reports gives InetSoft's products a distinct advantage over other BI software vendors.

Style Intelligence is the one-stop solution for the information management problems you haven't even encountered yet. You can create dashboards and reports which marry formerly exclusive data types and formats through InetSoft's data worksheet, then use a simple drag and drop interface to create an unlimited variety of different visualizations, complete with ad hoc filtering through tools like sliders, selection lists, and data brushing.

Streamline Your Data Exploration Process

Style Intelligence is uniquely designed to eliminate the necessity of heavy IT oversight that is required for the use of most BI software. It's user friendly data worksheet provides the ability to access and combine all relevant company data through the program itself, often making data warehousing and ETL unnecessary. The software can access nearly any type of data, from excel files to Salesforce to Hadoop, with new custom data connectors being added with each new edition. Style Intelligence reduces the labor costs, freeing your IT personnel from the obligations of both maintaining a single consolidated data source and of writing queries specific to every task the project designer or executive imagines.

With this new self-service approach to BI, your IT staff is no longer the gatekeeper for new data analytics; instead, the power to turn data into information is now in the hands of anyone who takes the small amount of time necessary learn InetSoft's solution. Even casual users can learn how to edit charts and dashboard metrics on the fly, and bookmark their edited version of the dashboard for easy reference.

If you are looking for a single solution to all of your data management problems, then InetSoft is the dashboard and reporting system for you.

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