A Business Analysis Solution for Better Decision Making

Are you looking for a way to increase profitability? Maybe you're searching for the ideal way of doing business. Perhaps you just want to know why your business is doing well, or how you can maintain that status.

Fortunately, you can find the answer to all of the above inquiries through business analysis. Business analysis is the process by which you identify what your business needs and determine how you can best meet that need.

How a Business Analysis Solution Benefits Your Business

Everything in business comes down to numbers. Understanding what those numbers are telling you is the best way to evaluate a situation and adapt.Through business analysis, you can see many things that you take for granted. You can identify ideal working conditions for your employees, trends that lead to increased profits, and strategies to increase productivity.

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Style Intelligence - Your Ideal Business Analysis Solution

InetSoft's flagship BI product was designed from the ground up was designed to make business analysis as simple as possible for users of all IT backgrounds.

With Style Intelligence, you have access to:

  • real-time data mashup built on a proprietary Data Block architecture
  • end user data mashup on the Web
  • connectivity to many data sources
  • dashboards, visualizations, and visual business analytics, all with annotations
  • drill-down across views and into details
  • interactive reports with in-report exploration
  • mobile BI to access dashboards and analysis from any Web-enabled device
  • self-service data exploration
  • visualization of machine learning model results
  • much more...
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