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InetSoft Technology is proud to introduce you to their best ever data graphing software, Style Intelligence. Accessed from the web using any browser, Style Intelligence is a business intelligence platform.

At its foundation is a powerful data mashup engine that enables fast and flexible transformation of data from disparate sources. With the ability to marry any type of data visually, Style Intelligence was designed to provide more information per pixel than your average data graphing software.

Visualizing data is more than just providing pages of colorful bar or pie charts, it's about being able to draw solutions out of your spreadsheets. Mix and match your data easily using InetSoft's drag and drop technology. Instead of running formulas or bothering IT personnel with endless queries, you can employ dozens of visuals in an infinite number of combinations in minutes.

Interviews with CEO's reveal that user-friendliness is what gives Style Intelligence its greatest advantage. CIO's also consistently praise the application's ability to solve data management challenges, as well as its low impact on system resources.

Style Intelligence | Interactive Graphs and Dashboards

Besides being a graphing software, Style Intelligence can perform Key Performance Indicator (KPI) calculations. With an interactive dashboard, the program can display several graphs and KPI's at once that react to specific targeting instructions at the push of a button. Brushing, drilling, zooming are just a few of the built-in dynamic features that an end user can utilize for reporting.

For instance, if you are looking at a dashboard with several charts and graphs but want to quickly pick out the most profitable division of your business, simply double click a data point and every graph will brush to highlight corresponding data, and the KPI's will change to reflect the new target of information right in front of your eyes.

This highly interactive and incredibly intuitive environment is perfect for new users, power users, data scientists, and even project managers and executives looking to make a splash in meetings. And because the end-users access Style Intelligence on their own computer, in their own browsers, the application only needs to be installed on one user's machine in order to deliver to a whole office its full breadth of powerful BI capabilities.

BI is More Than Just Graphing Software

While building dashboards and reports is the main purpose of Style Intelligence, the software comes packaged with a host of features that help businesses innovate their strategies.

This premium BI program can send automatic email alerts based on a schedule, such as weekly reports. It can also send these alerts based on thresholds, such as cost over-runs. For dashboards that connect to huge data sources that take longer to load, it utilizes InetSoft's patented Data Grid Cache technology to more quickly display information through user-set automatic refreshes.

Imagine a shipment comes in 1,000 units short of what a business ordered. This sets off a chain reaction of events that affect projections and client needs. There are numbers to run, and clients to contact, decisions need to made, and fast.

Once Style Intelligence knows about the shortage, it can be programmed to deliver a report on how this affects peripheral business operations as soon as possible, without ever sending an IT request. And because Style Intelligence is web compatible via html5, a company's dashboards can be viewed on smartphones. Even if one of your salespeople is out of state, or even country, they will receive the email alert and dashboard access to literally see how the numbers are working out. Armed with next week's information today, a business can smoothly negotiate a crisis.

To find out more about how Style Intelligence can strengthen your business, sign up for a personalized live demo.

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