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Looking for a graph visualization software application to plot your data in a visually comprehensible manner? InetSoft’s dashboard software combines all common styles of graphing with interactive filtering, allowing you to comb your data for new insights into patterns and trends.

Since business users will often begin the data exploration process without a clear idea what their questions are, they require a flexible tool that encourages them to experiment with different methods of analysis and modify their analysis as they go along. InetSoft’s graph visualization software is a powerful but flexible tool to meet the needs of any end user. Flexibility means maximum self-service for users, including an unlimited ability to customize and format the data that's being pulled in from external sources, in order to create new charts and visualizations.

InetSoft provides both free and enterprise versions of its easy to use graphing software. While other graph visualization software programs require hours of backend IT development and programming, InetSoft is designed around the idea of allowing business users with little to no IT training to design unique visualizations and even data mashups using real-time data.

With access to InetSoft’s various data graphing tools, users have the ability to answer an unlimited amount of business questions. Trend lines can be used to see the progression of data and even project into the future using what-if analysis. Users can create dual-axis charts showing multiple dimensions, and calculated fields that allow users to create more intricate analyses. All of this can be accomplished with a few simple clicks, and with diverse graphing options such as scatterplots, bar charts, pie charts, and even geographical plots, the possibilities are endless.

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Graph Customization

When using InetSoft’s graph visualization software, it is evident that customization is the highest priority. Users are free to choose from various types of graphs and charts, as well as tables, crosstabs, and gauges. From there, users can manipulate the size, color, text elements, and layout of an element with unlimited design options.

Not only can users create a virtually unlimited number of graphs using their datasets, but InetSoft’s graph visualization software also allows users the ability to filter data right on the dashboard in order to refine the data and display only the information that the user needs. Users can drag and drop measures or dimensions right onto the dashboard in order to create selection components, such as lists or range sliders, that will filter the data throughout the dashboard. This allows users to drill down on the information that they need more detail on without having to make separate charts.

Interactive Charting Features Include:

Rich Multi-Dimensional Charting

Users can depict more than two dimensions on a graph by representing data in various shapes, sizes, and colors. This information can be displayed on one or multiple axes, and can be filtered down by dragging in selection components that will only display the desired information.

Co-Located Charts

Multiple charts can be positioned in a shared location and navigated through using a tabbed interface, reducing dashboard complexity and making visualizations easier to interpret.

Drag-and-Drop Dashboard Designer

Users can create quick, professional dashboards by simply dragging and dropping desired elements onto the design grid and dropping data blocks of information into the elements. Interactive inputs like selection lists, sliders, and calendars can be inserted.

Multi-Source Data Mashup

InetSoft provides users the ability to combine and analyze data from multiple sources including relational databases via JDBC, multidimensional databases, OLAP cubes, XML, Microsoft Excel spreadsheet (XLS), and over a hundred cloud services.

Custom Geographic Data Binding

Bind data to built-in geographic points on world, state, or city maps, as well as custom designed areas.

Calculated Fields

Users can create formulas to reformat data into new calculated fields or dimensions, allowing the user to display any fields that may be needed. Calculations can be performed on dates, strings, detailed data, or aggregated data, and these new data blocks can be placed into any charts using InetSoft’s drag-and-drop interface.

Brushing for Data Exploration

Users can “brush” or highlight data in one chart and immediately isolate corresponding data on accompanying elements of the dashboard, allowing for intuitive drill-down on data.

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