InetSoft Webinar: Headline Feature of New Product Release is Mobile BI

This is the transcript of a Webinar hosted by InetSoft on the topic of "What's New in InetSoft's Business Intelligence Software". The speakers are Mark Flaherty, CMO at InetSoft, and Byron Igoe, Principal Technologist at InetSoft.

Mark Flaherty: Welcome everyone. Welcome to InetSoft’s Webinar on what’s new in our version 11.1 release. The headline feature is mobile BI. My name is Mark Flaherty and I head up marketing here at InetSoft and with me is Byron Igoe, Principal Technologist.

So we have a pretty simple agenda today. First, we are going to start off and talk about a couple of InetSoft news items and then some trends we are seeing among our users that might be interesting to you. And then we will give you a preview of the highlights of the new features in this release and spend a little time on a live demo that will be a review and also stress what is new with new release.

And then we will have time for question and answers, and so you may note to just go ahead and type in your questions inside in GoTo Webinar question panel. We will answer those at the end. And also, just to remind you we are recording the webinar and we will send out a link to the recording sometime next week, so you will be able to share it with your colleagues.

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First, some of the new interesting developments: we have had a couple of interesting applications created with some of our partners, I just want to mention, that might be of interest to you as well. The first one is from our partner MSI, and they have had a very interesting financial reporting solution for some time now.

And now we are using our software to provide dashboards and visual analysis to it. This financial reporting solution is really effective for companies that have multiple locations, multinationals with locations in different countries and therefore, the budgets and results are in different currencies.

The financial consolidation application combines all those different currencies and creates a consolidated budget and forecasting environment. And the one thing it's good for is, if some of you are in a large organization, you have acquired other companies and you have to run different financial systems, different financial ERP systems, this solution has connectors. Those data sources can be brought together for a single solution. And they also provide services to create the data model that’s going to be specific to a given organization’s financial structure.

The second one is from a partner of ours called CampionPPS, and they have been specializing in performance management, particularly with manufacturers and organizations using the Baan ERP platform. Now they have created a solution there for people using the Baan system where it makes dashboards reports built from the Baan data. In addition that data can be mashed up with any other enterprise data for that matter.

Also they provide implementation services and then consulting services to get most out of that manufacturing reporting solution. And also along the same lines, I just wanted to mention to any of the attendees today who have product solutions that take advantage of InetSoft software and have an interest in us promoting those to our customers or prospects, contact me after webinar and we can talk about how to do that.

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The last thing we are going to point out here is one of the big trends in business intelligence we are seeing, some applications that we are seeing among customers these days. We have been talking about data mashup for a few years. Especially in the past year or so, we are seeing quite a lot of interest in taking advantage of the capabilities and the applications of mashups.

So I wanted to share a couple of those. It might pique interest for you as well. Naturally, it's a great solution, quite an easy and agile solution for combining different data sources, different operational data sources, even data warehouses plus operational data sources, without having to go through that lengthy ETL and data warehouse update process to incorporate new data. That’s one obvious case.

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