Manufacturing Analytics For Quality Control

Quality control has always been an important aspect of manufacturing. Good quality control can bring lots of benefits to the business, including improving efficiency and cost, increasing customer loyalty, gaining new customers from referrals, and maintaining or improving market position. On the other hand, when things go awry, quality issues can drive up material and labor costs, threaten margins, result in missed orders, and harm business reputation.

As more and more data is being collected in recent years, organizing, accessing, and analyzing quality control data has become one of the biggest challenges that manufacturing companies face today. Automating tasks that ensure real-time monitoring of the quality control process can enable the rapid deployment and correction of quality problems when they occur.

To this end, InetSoft has created a Manufacturing Quality Control Dashboard that mashes up quality control data, connects all the pieces of the supply chain in one place, and presents detailed information ready for instant actionable insights.

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Manufacturing Reporting for Quality Control

This Manufacturing Quality Control Dashboard enables quality control managers to monitor and analyze everything, from defects rate and pipeline duration to shift performance and technician performance, all in one dynamic view. With built-in filtering components, manufacturing professionals can easily slice and dice data with simple point-and-click methods to get various insights.

For example, by glancing at the process control chart, manufacturing managers can quickly see that something has been going wrong since August, when the number of defects started to increase over the course of several months. They can investigate deeper by using the process control chart as an interactive filter. By simply clicking on a specific month and shift, the whole dashboard will adapt, enabling manufacturing managers to perform further analysis without writing any code or creating extra charts.

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Apart from performing analysis over time, the Manufacturing Quality Control Dashboard also allows professionals to perform analysis for different steps with the built-in selection list. By selecting the step they are interested in they can understand how the defect rate for a specific step changes over time, they can identify the shift that needs the most attention, and they can immediately get a list of technicians that should be scrutinized for further investigation.

With InetSoft's Manufacturing Quality Control dashboard, the quality control process can be placed on a path of continuous improvement, quickly and efficiently.

Quality Control Analysis with InetSoft Style Intelligence

InetSoft's Style Intelligence provides clients with a user-friendly interface that integrates a library of useful tools for creating, managing, or analyzing data sources.

With InetSoft's powerful business intelligence solution, you can:

  • Mash up data from almost any data source
  • Quickly profile data and verify data manipulations via data visualization
  • Create pie charts, scatter plots, interactive maps, and more with just a few clicks
  • Cater any dashboard solution to your specific needs with easy-to-use drag-and-drop design tools
  • Visually analyze machine learning results to find hidden patterns with InetSoft's built-in machine learning capability
  • Access your dashboard from mobile devices such as smartphones and tablets

The use of the InetSoft's solution would help unlock the full potential of the quality control departments in the manufacturing industry, making them more efficient in monitoring the quality control process and quicker in extracting actionable insights from abundant amounts of data.

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