Online Food Delivery Analytics

In the ever growing competitive industry of online food ordering delivery, continuous improvement to achieve higher customer satisfaction is the main agenda for all organizations involved. Today, when customers look to order food online through phone apps, their decision making is eased by the multitude of food service options available to them, catered to their taste and personality.

Much of this ease can be attributed to the data analytics performed by the online food delivery applications to gather necessary insights that can bridge the gap between their current offerings and customer demands.

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Combining the capabilities of data mashup with powerful visualization, the Online Food Delivery Analytics Dashboard created using InetSoft's Style Scope caters to the requirements of food delivery app analysts who are looking to derive important insights that can help their business offer better service to their customers and generate higher revenue.

The unique device adaptability feature of InetSoft's Style Scope makes it easy to switch between multiple devices without compromising on the interactivity of the dashboard. If desired, you can design one layout for each device category.

Key Features of InetSoft's Online Food Delivery Dashboard

KPIs for Measuring Overall Performance

KPIs are an effective way to present a consolidated view of the performance of an organization in a quantifiable format. Inetsoft's Style Scope assists the designers in making the key food delivery metrics such as revenue and average customer review available to the business users, in large, easy to read text.. The designers have chosen to highlight the metrics on the dashboard in a way that encourages the business users to keep overall performance in mind.

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Detailed Analysis via Charts

A deeper dive is required to get a more detailed analysis of the functioning of the business. For this purpose, InetSoft's easy-to-use drag and drop tool lets the designers create charts that can help the business users in understand the areas that need improvement and opportunities for growth.

The customer age distribution chart gives a comprehensive view of online food deliveries with regards to the age demographics of the customers. The demographics information presented by the chart assists the delivery app business in understanding the customer segments they need to target when deciding to run ads and offer discounts.

Opportunities for Drilldown via Filters

Customer feedback is the most valuable asset available to an organization, directing constant improvement. A detailed representation of feedback makes it easier for the business to act on the changes that need to be implemented in the organization as a whole in order to meet the customer demands

The average customer review chart lets the delivery app provider keep a check on the underperforming restaurants, denoted by low average customer ratings. When combined with the restaurant complaints table, business users can pinpoint the exact issue faced by the customers of these underperforming restaurants. Analyzing customer feedback not only benefits the delivery app provider but also helps the partner restaurants improve their service.

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