Online Gaming Analytics

In recent years, video games have grown to be the largest media category by revenue, even larger than music and film.

According to various industry research firms, the gaming industry is also the fastest-growing, with around 10% annual growth. Having an accurate picture of the gaming market is important when launching new products, designing new games, or judging investment opportunities.

InetSof's business intelligence software offers a full scope of analytics capabilities for helping gaming companies and investors to understand the development trends of online gaming.

With the implementation of Style Scope or Style Intelligence for online gaming analytics, the gaming market can be visualized intuitively and the performance of the gaming industry can be measured easily using online gaming analytics such as those seen above, so that gaming companies and investors can make better and faster decisions that lead them to success.

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These online gaming analytics by InetSoft explores the demographics of gamers, the biggest gaming markets, and other aspects of the gaming industry by digging deep into factors like gender, regions, age group, game genre and platform. The game industry has boomed in recent years because of the variety of ways to play games. With the rise of mobile games, digital-copy game sales and cross-platform games, games are no longer limited to a specific console and players don't have to care about the cost of buying consoles and PCs any more. Using InetSoft's online gaming analytics, we can see the biggest gain on the platform mainly comes from mobile gaming, overtaking both console and PC gaming.

One of the main reasons for mobile gaming's popularity is accessibility. Nearly everyone has a smartphone with games. To perfect our approach, the online gaming dashboard attempts to exclude the factor of mobile phones' popularity in different regions by looking at the proportion of gaming platforms in various regions separately. We can still see the mobile platforms have the largest segment among other gaming platforms. Therefore, according to our online gaming dashboard, gaming companies can adjust their development strategy and spend more budget on pushing the development of mobile games; on the other hand, investors can retain a positive outlook for mobile gaming.

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By choosing the expected region on the selection list in online gaming analytics, we can directly find out the total revenue KPI of the game market in the selected region. The data shows that the sample players in Asia-Pacific have spent $93.9 thousand in 2021, accounting for 58% of total consumer spending in all the region. Through InetSoft's online gaming analytics, the importance of the Asia-Pacific region in the global game market can be evident. With the help of InetSoft's online gaming analytics, gaming companies are able to identify the biggest game markets in the world and make targeted plans for the growth of the targeted gaming market.

For example, as the online gaming analytics show, players in the Asia-Pacific region have spent the most money in games, compared to other regions. Game companies can approach the Asia-Pacific game market by further investigating the most popular game genres and games in the Asia-Pacific area. To further analyze the popularity of game genres in different regions, we can easily select APAC, which stands for Asia-Pacific, on the selection list, and all the data on the dashboard will update correspondingly based on our selection.

After that, we can see that shooter games are the most popular games in Asia-Pacific, and the most representative shooter game is PUBG: BattleGround. Based on the information from InetSoft's online gaming analytics, game companies are able to prioritize the design of shooter games and spend more of their budget on advertisements in the Asia-Pacific region.

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Online Gaming Dashboard

With this onling gaming dashboard constructed with InetSoft's Style Scope solution, game companies are allowed to customize the dashboard with rich and self-service interactivity. While bringing together disparate data from a variety of sources, users can easily import various datasets and combine them through InetSoft's data mashup technology, which allows users to discover more underlying trends and gain meaningful insights at a comprehensive level. InetSoft's data mashup technology combines various data sources on common dimensions so that an aggregation of sources can be analyzed and manipulated within a single view, helping InetSoft's users analyze their business on a deeper level.

Moreover, its data visualization technology provides our users with highly flexible visualization tools like charts, KPIs and tables to create insightful and intuitive dashboards using an easy drag and drop interface.

Enhancing the way games are created and improving the overall gaming experience of the users, continuous technological advancements in the gaming industry have significantly propelled the growth of the gaming industry. The gaming market grows with the increasing revenue and growing interest. Especially with the increasing usage of mobile phones, the game market shows high potential growth in the future. Therefore, it is important for game companies and investors to power their strategic decisions with a comprehensive view of the global game market in order to gain more profit in the game industry. And InetSoft's online gaming analytics dashboard is able to guide game companies and help investors make the correct choices quickly.

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With InetSoft's Style Scope, game companies can easily import and visualize data for analyzing the development trend of video games. Also, the Style Scope solution provides game companies with more latitudes to analyze. With InetSoft tools, game companies can make intelligent predictions so that they can prioritize their global strategy, optimize their game development pipeline, and develop targeted business plans. Built with the powerful business intelligence solutions provided by InetSoft, this online gaming analytics dashboard is able to offer the game industry world leading insights on the global game market.