InetSoft's Reporting Tools for SQL Server 2012

Businesses utilizing SQL Server 2012 as their primary relational database management system will greatly enhance their reporting capabilities with the addition of InetSoft's BI application, Style Intelligence.

Implementing Style Intelligence within your IT environment is a simple procedure; there is only one installation process and users are equipped with all the necessary BI tools to manage all their data needs. Combined with an SQL Server, InetSoft's BI application empowers users with the ability to generate pixel-perfect reports, build interactive dashboards, and manage robust data mashup.

Whether your enterprise needs production, ad hoc, or interactive reports, Style Intelligence's can add a much more user friendly and versatile interface to your SQL Server.

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Refined Reporting

When you SQL Server 2012 with Style Intelligence's BI, your reporting capabilities go far beyond what a stand-alone SQL Server can do. Users will be able to generate and automate precise and properly formatted reports, allowing them to stay up-to-date on the business information that they need for vital business decisions.

The reporting engine of Style Intelligence makes it possible for the prompt conversion of time-sensitive information into a publishable report format for easy sharing and distribution. Users can not only easily create detailed and professional quality reports for presentations and publications, they can also explore their data with interactive dashboards.

The many versions of SQL Server creates a hassle for users by restricting the format of business information to whatever version is implemented within their IT environment. Style Intelligence's reporting and dashboarding tools can work with virtually any data source and operational database, so accessing data information from any SQL Server is a quick and feasible task. InetSoft also features a robust data mashup engine that enables SQL data to be easily combined with virtually almost any other data source, in real time.

Added Practicality

InetSoft's Style Intelligence is a zero-client, web-based application that can be deployed from any web browser and accessed on any mobile device. This web platform enables the convenience of accessing and sharing reports with the enterprise's clients and partners.

The interface also maximizes self-service, being intuitively easy-to-use and requiring very little help from IT. SQL Server 2012 becomes easier to navigate and more functional joined with Style Intelligence.

Take a quick look at InetSoft's demo and discover how easy, agile, and robust Style Intelligence is.

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View a 2-minute demonstration of InetSoft's easy, agile, and robust BI software.