Looking for a Report Writer that Automatically Generates SQL?

InetSoft's very first product offering was a reporting tool that made SQL database analysis easier than traditional methods.

Since then, InetSoft has expanded it's solution to include robust data mashup, intuitive visual dashboarding, and scheduled automated reporting.

InetSoft's flagship product, Style Intelligence, can query Microsoft SSAS cubes through multidimensional expressions, for the easy creation of reports and dashboards. But it's reporting capabilities do not stop there.

InetSoft's data mashup engine can pull data from many different sources, for reporting, dashboarding, and more sophisticated analysis. In addition to Microsoft SQL, Style Intelligence can integrate other operational databases such as Hyperion Essbase, Oracle OLAP, and SAP NetWeaver.

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Style Intelligence Makes SQL Reporting Easy for the End User

Hand-coded SQL queries are laborious, but they allow a degree of control and flexibility not usually found in graphical user interfaces.

With InetSoft's solution, users can build SQL queries automatically with a flexible and easy to use drag-and-drop interface. SQL pros can also edit the auto-generated SQL, or hand-write queries, for maximum flexibility.

This degree of self-service that Style Intelligence allows is particularly useful in the creation of ad-hoc reports. When the IT department's pre-built reports aren't sufficient, users can mash up data sources and create new reports to answer their own specific queries.

Style Intelligence empowers both IT professionals and business users with the combination of powerful authoring tools and a highly scalable deployment environment.

Do You Need to Know SQL to Use a Web-based Report Writer?

It is not always necessary to know SQL to use a web-based report writer. Many web-based report writers have a drag-and-drop interface that allows you to create reports without writing any SQL. However, if you want to create more complex reports or if you want to have more control over the data that is included in your reports, then you will need to know SQL.

Here are some of the benefits of knowing SQL when using a web-based report writer:

  • You can create more complex reports that include multiple data sources and filters.
  • You can have more control over the data that is included in your reports, such as selecting specific fields or rows.
  • You can troubleshoot problems with your reports more easily.
  • You can be more flexible in how you create and modify your reports.

If you are interested in learning SQL, there are many resources available online and in libraries. There are also many SQL courses that you can take online or in person.

Here are some tips for learning SQL:

  • Start with the basics of SQL, such as SELECT, FROM, WHERE, and ORDER BY.
  • Practice writing SQL queries on a regular basis.
  • Use a variety of resources to learn SQL, such as online tutorials, books, and practice exercises.
  • Don't be afraid to ask for help if you get stuck.
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