InetSoft Product Information: .NET Reporting and Dashboards

Looking for .NET reporting and dashboard solutions? InetSoft's BI software integrates easily into a .NET environment. View a demo and download a free eval.

Integration Options

Integration can be as simple or as complex as you want it to be. InetSoft's Style Intelligence is a Web application, so all commands can be sent to the application server via a Web URL.

The recommended approach is to use IFRAMES. The source of that IFRAME will point to an InetSoft server instance.

You can set up a seamless sign on to the InetSoft report portal by passing in the "userid" and "password" as URL parameters or hidden form fields.

You can selectively skin out portions of the InetSoft portal and embed them in the ASP.

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.NET Reporting Integration Example

If you want to extract the "Report" tab in the ASP, you can use the following URL format:

 http://{host name}:{port}/sree/Reports?op=portal_report   

.NET IFRAME report integration

This will show the user his report tree and the empty pane on the right where the dashboards and reports will be displayed.

If you want to completely customize the report tree list, you can do that as well.

.NET Dashboard Integration Example

If you wish to only display one report or dashboard you simply call a URL from inside an IFRAME. For embedding dashboards, use a URL of this format:

http://{host name}:{port}/sree/Reports?op=vs&path=/Dashboards/Sales+Explore   

For embedding reports, use a URL of this format:

http://{host name}:{port}/sree/Reports?op=FrameReplet&name=Tutorial/Interactive     

About Using the IIS Tomcat Connector

You do not need to have the IIS Tomcat connector. You can simply link the .NET portal to the default InetSoft installer by just using an IFRAME and a parameterized URL.


"From a technology level, a lot also has to be done to achieve those business goals. So the standard open technologies have become more important in this scenario. We have seen customers who want to share the BI platform, not only the data and methodologies, and go beyond single-sign on levels of integration, and really have a collaboration environment so the end users can explore information. They can collaborate and really drive the whole business process.

Recently we have had a new product come out which focuses on business visualization. That actually embeds the two most important components we have heard customers asking for. The first is the ability to explore their data. Then second is the ability to collaborate. So they want to use visualization tools to visually explore the data, and then pass on the visualizations to the proper users. This will enable the triggering of the correct decisions and actions that the business needs to take.

This really turns corporate data into actionable information, or “business intelligence.”" - Luke Liang, CEO, InetSoft