InetSoft Technology: Business Intelligence Services

Are you looking for business intelligence consulting services? InetSoft is a BI software vendor with a professional services arm who can assist in requirements gathering, project management, customization, deployment, and training.

Advantages of Using InetSoft's Professional Services

Expertise in Java, Data Management and Reporting

InetSoft’s professional business intelligence consulting services are the complement to the company’s award-winning dashboard, reporting, and analysis software products. If you are looking to accelerate the deployment or enhancement of InetSoft applications, our staff is available for a wide range of services from training your staff to turnkey application development and deployment.

Time and Resource Savings

We can help you get the most out of your enterprise reporting and business intelligence initiatives. Leverage our experience across many client engagements to determine the right solution and speed your time to launch.

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Choose from a Range of Business Intelligence Services

Our services incorporate proven best-practice policies and have been designed to support all of your report development, data access, data management, project management and implementation needs. Our wide range of business intelligence services includes:

* Needs assessment
* Project management
* Advanced training
* On-site technical support
* On or off-site custom report design
* Data modeling and analysis
* Dashboard and portal design
* Service bureau reporting
* Turn-key implementation

Get Experienced Consultants

  • Each consultant holds a degree in Computer Science; many have Masters degrees.
  • InetSoft consultants average 10 years of practical experience.
  • Each consultant has logged hundreds of hours of teaching and training.
  • Each consultant is highly trained and experienced in Java, databases, and SQL with additional expertise in data mining, operations research, data warehouses, and data visualization.
  • InetSoft has won consulting achievement awards including the HP Software Engineering Award and the Sun Java Developer Award.
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Needs Assessment Needs Analysis Survey & Report – Duration: 3-5 Days

The InetSoft Needs Analysis Service is a proven process that includes an extremely comprehensive survey given on-site to all stakeholders identified across your enterprise. The survey is a professional tool used to ensure that all of your data analysis, data management and reporting needs have been accounted for, included, and signed off on.

The assessment also accounts for all current IT equipment and systems, accounting for future growth, security, corporate sizing, best case/worst case scenarios and backup requirements. A select team of InetSoft consultants then review the surveys in group strategy sessions before recommendations are made, and the final report produced. This extremely critical process assures success when the recommended solution is implemented.

Methodology Training Services Foundation Training – Duration: 5 Days

Basic foundation training covers the fundamental concepts and features offered in Style Report, Style Scope or Style Intelligence software. Customers must take basic training before becoming eligible for any advanced training. Report scripting, part of basic training facilitates the creation of dynamic and highly configurable reports. Report scripting permits you to embed business logic into your reports, dynamically format report elements and set report properties, access the Java API, the InetSoft API, and your own custom classes. Foundation Training includes:

* Training Overview
* Introduction to the InetSoft Application
* Basic Report Creation
* Data Binding and Advanced Design Features
* Interactive Reporting
* Report Scripting Training Services
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Advanced BI Training – Duration: 2 Days

Advanced BI training covers the more complex features. Foundation training is a prerequisite for this course.

Java Training – Duration: 1 Day

This unit will teach Java developers about the aspects of InetSoft applications that require programming. This includes general API discussion, as well as specific classes for the most common applications. A good understanding of object-oriented programming and a basic understanding of Java syntax and methodology are required.

End User Training – Duration: 2 Days

InetSoft’s Web UI provides end users with powerful tools to modify reports and analyze data. The end user training is aimed at non-technical report or dashboard consumers. After undergoing this training an end user will be familiar with basic InetSoft application concepts and features, and will be able to modify reports or dashboards, create new reports or dashboards, schedule tasks, perform OLAP operations, and perform cross-domain and what-if analysis.

Administration Training – Duration: 1 Day

The administration training discusses the set-up, deployment, security configuration and performance tuning of the server-side reporting environment.

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Custom Report Design Training – Duration: 2 Days

Custom Report Design training picks up from where Report Scripting training leaves off. It helps you to learn how to quickly and easily design advanced reports required by many organizations. Basic training is a prerequisite for this course.

Web Portal Design Training – Duration: 2

Days Web portal design training provides step-by-step instruction for designing the Web-based portals or dashboards needed by you or your management to access and monitor the information they need, to help them make hourly, daily or long-term strategic decisions.

Data Modeling Training – Duration: 2 Days

With literally thousands of potential variations, data modeling by itself may require additional training for your end-user or administrative employees. InetSoft can work with your team to help them to better understand how to design the data models needed for analysis reporting. During training, real data models will be built for actual use.

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Project Management & Integration Services

InetSoft project management and integration services provides the tools, skills and management processes you need to successfully define, plan, execute and complete your reporting, data; access, management and analysis projects. We bring an innovative and consistent approach to every project we manage. Our unique and proven formula for success begins with listening to the client and completely understanding objectives and expectations, and only then is the project defined and the scope of the project determined. Once the scope of each project has been defined and baseline criteria established, InetSoft provides a comprehensive project budget with an in-depth project description for approval. Upon approval, we deliver a detailed project schedule and establish progress milestones.

InetSoft expert project managers provide the skills and experience needed to assure success from start to finish. Our proprietary processes have been developed and proven through years of successfully managed projects and are employed to ensure your project is delivered on time and within budget, throughout its lifecycle. Key features of InetSoft Project Management Services are the tools we use. We employ innovative visualization dashboards and tracking reports using our Style Intelligence software to ensure timely development and execution while reducing risk. Using our own software’s strong reporting capabilities helps manage implementation and integration projects by generating daily progress reports, leveraging interactive dashboards, reports and automated alerts to ensure that all timetables are met.

Off-site Professional Services

Professional Report Design – Hourly or Daily

InetSoft’s standards-based, Java architecture was designed to be fully customized to fit individual customer needs out of the box. However, for those situations requiring unique features or extensive customization, InetSoft offers custom report design services to meet your company’s specific needs. Our expert developers can offer you the benefit of their experience, providing advice and suggesting designs to best fit your requirements. InetSoft report design services can be done on-site or in our development labs to save travel expenses.

Web Portal Design – Hourly or Daily

Dashboards can be designed to display multiple aggregated reports within a single viewable area and can be seamlessly integrated as part of a business application to deliver timely information. InetSoft Web portal design services allow our experts to create your Web-based portals or dashboards. These design services can be done on-site or in our development labs to save travel expenses.

Data Modeling – Hourly or Daily

With literally thousands of potential variations, data modeling can require time and expertise beyond what your personnel can manage. InetSoft can provide the outsourced solution with custom Data Modeling by our in-house professionals. With your guidance, we will create the data models you need for accurate data analysis and reporting.

Report Generation Service Bureau – Custom contract basis

For those organizations that need ongoing reporting and analysis but lack the on-site resources to perform the tasks, InetSoft offers a service that includes complete software implementation, database access and integration, custom report design, custom data modeling, custom Web portal design, custom agent alerts and report delivery on a daily, weekly or monthly basis. We provide the total solution and customize delivery to your needs.