InetSoft's Reporting Software - Editing Report Queries

InetSoft's reporting software makes data binding seamless with sophisticated tools for editing report queries. View the example below to learn more about the Style Intelligence solution.

This section illustrates how to modify an existing data binding. The ‘Data Query’ interface can be used to edit the data binding of an element. Right-click on an element and choose ‘Data Query’.

  1. Open the ‘Ad Hoc’ report (choose ‘MA’ and submit). Right-click on the ‘Count of Orders by State’ element, and select ‘Data Query’.
  2. Move the ‘Order.Num’ field from ‘Summary Columns’ to ‘Detail Columns’ by dragging it.
  3. Click ‘OK’. The modified report now shows the list of orders within each state.

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About InetSoft's Data Block Technology

"The open standards aspect is very important to us since it allows our customers to integrate our technology more easily and leverage assets they already have, in terms of hardware and software and IT skills. So based on this BI platform, our software delivers a host of front-end BI tools including visualization tools, enterprise reporting, monitoring dashboards, and analysis. Those functions were based on a very powerful patent-pending technology we call Data Block.

This Data Block technology is really made up of a back-end data mashup engine and a caching middle layer. There is a front-end we call the worksheet, which is a Web-based, spreadsheet-like user interface that a power user can easily use to combine and transform data blocks. The data blocks are typically started at the atomic data block level. That is typically created by an IT or a BI specialist. They choose these data blocks and performance tune those data blocks.

Then the power users can use those building blocks to build more complex, but more useful structures for answering the questions they have on hand. And all the data blocks you build, in turn become building blocks themselves. You can build on this architecture, building very sophisticated structures which you can use to answer a wide range of unanticipatible questions. " - Luke Liang, CEO, InetSoft