Key Metrics for IT Managers

Below is the continuation of the transcript from a Webcast video from InetSoft Technology. The speaker is Mark Flaherty, Vice President of Marketing at InetSoft.

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Flaherty: In these cubes, you can do things such as get one for performance counters or state information. And once you have got your information in the cubes, then it’s really quite easy to light up the rest of the data for the BI application to see. So what we have done is shown you how to then in Style Intelligence, connect through to these cubes to build out dashboards, scorecards and the analytic components so that you can do things such as locate your data and trend it.

You can pull information together from multiple instances of the systems center, which a lot of IT pros like to be able to do to do. They want to be able to get a holistic view of their entire systems and pull that information together in a sandbox environment as well as do some root cause analysis to understand whether some of your metrics might be tracking off.

We have also written a whitepaper that shows you how to do some of the trickier bits. We have packaged up some samples as well. We have packaged up integration services and ETL packages which extract information right from your systems center data warehouse and then create the BI data warehouse. We have packaged up the cubes and we have packaged up some of these sample dashboards as well to kind of really accelerate things and get you going if you want to layer this business intelligence on top of systems center.

Bord: So when you wrote this whitepaper and you kind of helped build these packages, you helped determine obviously the information that you want to pull out that’s best for the IT pro. Where did that come from when you said okay this is the kind of stuff an IT pro really needs to pay attention to in order to stay on top of their systems? Is that a combination of customer information, stuff that came up internally in InetSoft. Where did that all come from?

Flaherty: Yes, so this was really the brain child of a number of different people. A lot of it is customer based so the key metrics that a lot of the IT managers that we talked to wanted to track for their IT department. Plus the systems center team has an incredible amount of history and expertise as both IT pros, as IT managers. They have helped define a system that can help those processes. Also our BI product developers have layered in how we could actually visualize that data to bring the most value out of the data that we are collecting through the systems center.

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