BI Evaluation Resources

InetSoft makes it easy to learn about and test-drive our business intelligence software

Short Intro to InetSoft

View a 2-minute introduction to InetSoft's flagship, all-inclusive BI product and get a quick overview of how it could serve you.

Dashboard & Visualization Gallery

See live interactive examples of the types of KPI dashboards and advanced visualizations that can be built using Style Intelligence.

On-line Test Drive

Two modes are possible: Explore, which lets you interact with live examples and save personalizations, and Create, which lets you upload your own spreadsheet to create a new visualization.

Evaluation Download

Register and request to download an evaluation copy of Style Intelligence to try the other capabilities not exposed in cloud-hosted test drive. Knowledge of your data sources and basic IT skills are required.

live example for universities

live example for construction industry

Additional Resources

Evaluation Guide Videos

Follow the videos that accompany the written evaluation guide.

Product Documentation

Complete documentation including a separate evaluation guide can be found here.

Library of Chart Types

View all of the possible advanced data visualization options.

Training Videos

The videos on this page are provided to help you learn how to use InetSoft applications.

Vendor Article: InetSoft's Cloud-Flexible Advantage

Understand the advantage of InetSoft's flexibility of where you choose to have our application deployed.

Vendor Article: Reasons for a Small Footprint BI Platform

Understand how InetSoft's small footprint platform saves you money and resources.

Vendor Article: Top 10 List for Embedded BI Features

Learn the features necessary for a good embedded BI partner solution.


Customer Reviews

Customers share reasons why they selected InetSoft and rate their experience on G2 Crowd and Software Advice. Customer quotes are grouped for business intelligence, dashboarding, and reporting. Download a PDF of vendor ranking and customer review highlights.

Vendor Video: How InetSoft Enables Data Intelligence

This 2-minute video explains how InetSoft's data mashup platform performs data transformation processes that otherwise would require an expensive and inflexible ETL and data warehouse solution.

Vendor Article: InetSoft's Native Big Data Analytics App

This solution sheet explains how InetSoft's data intelligence application is more efficient than others at enabling data visualization on Big Data sources.

Vendor Article: InetSoft Fully Integrates Spark

Learn about InetSoft's approach to integrating Spark as its Big Data clustering infrastructure.

Hosted Trial of Style Intelligence

If you're unable to install our trial download in your network, you can request a hosted trial where you securely access the software from our network.