Business Intelligence for Retail Banking Services

The integration of financial data, taking into account the large volume of data, security restrictions, and time sensitivity is an exceptionally complex process. InetSoft has proven experience serving banking institutions and partnering with solution providers focused on these verticals. The company's full range of enterprise reporting and business intelligence features provides a powerful tool set for the financial industry.

In contrast to other business intelligence applications that provide only reporting, or only dashboards, or require an intermediate data access layer, InetSoft's business intelligence system is complete. It includes analytics software and sophisticated reporting capabilities plus direct access to almost any data source.

The small footprint, SOA and Java architecture delivers an embedding and integration ready platform that delivers business intelligence within business processes.

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Spotlight on Portfolio Performance Management

Asset management is a rapidly growing area for investment and retail banks alike. Managing a complex security instruments portfolio and providing accurate and numerous client reports, in addition to supporting real-time information access, quickly becomes a daunting challenge. Combining InetSoft's powerful visualization dashboard, report bursting and ad hoc reporting, this complex business process can easily be broken down into automated tasks, client self service tasks, and professional driven tasks.

Asset allocation strategies are adjusted frequently, in accordance with rapidly changing market conditions. Identifying risk levels and analyzing asset allocation for a large number of clients in a timely fashion can place extreme demands on company resources. InetSoft's sophisticated visualization dashboards, when directly linked to a transactional database, drastically reduce the complexity of this business process.

Other Sample Financial Business Intelligence Applications

  • Fraud alert and notification of unusual transactions
  • Sales and marketing analysis
  • Risk and credit control
  • Multi-dimensional analysis to identify market trends
  • Automated compliance reporting

Some of InetSoft's Customers in the Financial Industry

  • CitiGroup
  • Deutsche Bank
  • JP Morgan Chase
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