Operational Business Intelligence

Operational BI measures and drives daily business activities. It is used by managers as well as front line workers. It typically consists of components such as business activity monitoring, enterprise reporting, and ad hoc reporting. What's unique about operational BI is that it must be able to drill down to a very detailed level, such as an individual line item.
Operation Business Intelligence

Real Time Business Activity Monitoring

InetSoft's visualization dashboards can be easily made to auto-refresh with real-time data. This BAM call center status dashboard updates in real time so managers can see how the overall calling queue compares to its set threshold. Moreover, each agent's call progress can be seen at a glance. Where attention may be needed, a big red face will indicate this to the manager.

business activity management in operatoin BI

Data Mashup Based Online Analytics and Detailed Information Reporting

InetSoft's unique data mashup engine is the foundation for all of its reporting and analytics. Its visualizations and dashboards all allow for the drilling down into the most detailed level of information. InetSoft's document reporting is perfect for delivering a large volume of details to people on a schedule.

rich visualization
visual dashboard and document report for operation BI

Business Users Self-Service

InetSoft's visualization dashboards are highly customizable. With minimum training, business users can completely change visual perspectives. Furthermore, business users can use the data wizard to create brand new reports.

Operational BI self-service