Rapid, Iterative Query/Mashup and Visual Dashboarding

Queries and data mashup with any level of complexity will normally be produced in an iterative fashion. Visual composition of query is helpful but a full visualization environment that can flexibly inspect query results from many aspects is much easier. InetSoft combines both in a single web app to maximize the speed of this iterative process.

Visualization's main purpose actually is not to aid query. It produces visual components for dashboards and reports which are the ultimate analytic output for business users.

data worksheet query and mashup

Guided Visual Query

SQL databases are core data assets of any business. For reporting and analytic purposes, the challenge is to empower business users with self-service while minimizing risks. Technical skills vary widely among business users, ranging from analysts who can write SQL language to casual users who needs help in understanding data items.

IneSoft addresses this challenge with a set of tools. First, a common data model mapping database to business items can be created. With a step-by-step guided visual wizard, novice users can simply pick data items from this model. Advanced users and analysts have a data worksheet at their dispose to visually compose advanced queries, and mashup data from multiple sources.

adhoc query wizard
data worksheet query and mashup

Secured & Governed Self-Services

Self-service is great but brings it's own risks. First of all, data must be controlled and secured for appropriate permission based access. Second, self-service always has the risk of user created run-away queries. Furthermore, even reasonable queries can overwhelm a database, especially if it's serving other purpose such as recording real time transactions.

InetSoft's data model is built with security control on data cell level. Many levels of runtime controls allows administrator to set run-away prevention. The underlying high performance query cache allows queries be offloaded to designated time. Real time dashboards and reports usage will operate against the cache and generate no load to the database.

data query model

Reasons Why Organizations Choose InetSoft

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"The product is very easy to use and is definitely one of the more mature solutions on the market. The training videos combined with the already easy to use interface made getting up and running on the platform a breeze."
- Robert C.


" I highly recommend this product. I found it to be easy to use and easy to solve complex issues with. The customer support has been great. I can't say enough good about the product. " - Steven B.


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