Reporting Software - Interactive Report Data Searches

InetSoft's award winning reporting software allows users to mine data with powerful data search tools that can summon massive amounts of information within seconds. View the example below to learn more about the Style Intelligence solution.

Searching is another way to quickly find the information you want. Style Intelligence allows you to search a report in either Basic or Advanced mode.

The 'Interactive' report will be used to illustrate these features.

1. Open the 'Search' panel with the 'Search' button on the Report Portal toolbar. You can also use 'Report Explorer' > 'Browse/Search' > Search tab.

2. Enter “George” in the 'Search for:' textbox, and click 'Search' to find all occurrences in all of the elements of the report.

The 'Browse/Search' panel will list the locations of the searched term, and all results will be outlined in a red dotted line in the report. When you select one of the instances of the search, the report will jump to the appropriate page, and the result will be outlined in a bold, dotted red line.

3. Let's do an 'Advanced Search'. First, drill down (click) on the year 2006 bar in the 'Revenue by Year' chart. This lists the orders for 2006.

interactive report data searches

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4. Open the 'Search' panel, then click the 'Advanced' button to open the advanced search options.

5. Search for a specific date. Select the 'date' option in the 'default' drop-down option box, then open the calendar; click on the calendar button to the right of the textbox below the 'date' box, and select the date: September 26, 2006.

6. Click the 'Search' button and the results will be listed.

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