Monitoring and Management Dashboard Examples

Mark: Now we’re going to move into the show and tell portion of the webinar, and when it comes to management of your InetSoft application, we’ve added a lot of functionality in this release. Now, our own application includes performance monitoring tools to show you current and recent uses of physical resources, and with another console you can manage users who are actually logged into the application as well as reports and queries that are being executed.  I’m going to hand it over to Byron who will take us through the show and tell portion. 

Byron: Here I’m logged into the Enterprise manager which as many of you already know is our web based server administration tool. We’ve added a new node on the left hand side here called monitoring that lays out a number of different pages for reading/managing/controlling and interacting with a list of different aspects of your current system.

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So here on the summary page we have some graphs, plotting memory and cpu and cache usage over time, even down to the level of requests if you configure it as such, you can set different levels of monitoring in the simple configuration dialogues here.  On the other pages you can control the reports.  For example I see an active report in the cache right now.  If I wanted to force it to expunge, I can simply do that.  Similarly I can manage the active viewsheets, queries, and even the current users that are logged in and remove their session forcibly.

These are all the aspects that are built into the EM, but if you go to the server configuration page under Mbean Server, you can actually set up a connection to a third party source or a third party client as it were.  So for example, I can start up J Console and simply connect to the server and see a listing of specialized Mbeans that we’ve designed in this realize to expose some of the monitoring and management aspects of the enterprise manager to third party tools like this one.

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