Monitoring Report Scheduler Tasks

Monitoring report scheduler tasks can be done with ease with InetSoft's powerful reporting software, a multi-award winning java-based business intelligence solution. View the information below to learn more about the Style Intelligence solution.

All scheduler tasks (belonging to admin and all other users) and their status' can be viewed and monitored from the Enterprise Manager:

  • Select the Schedule tab and select the 'Scheduled Task' node from the tree. A list of all of the scheduler tasks is displayed. You can view the start time, the end time, the status of the last run, and also the start time for the next scheduled run.
  • Temporarily disable or enable a task by using the checkbox under the 'Enabled' column.
  • Click on a task name to select it. Click the 'Run Now' button to execute the task immediately.
  • Click the 'Stop Now' button to halt a task in progress.
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A scheduler cycle is a single time condition. Scheduler (data) cycles are used to specify generation times to refresh pregenerated reports, e.g., a report executes every day at 7.00 am.

A new cycle can be created by clicking on the 'New Cycle' link, located below the navigation tree.

The Scheduler Log allows you to track and troubleshoot tasks. The default log file name is schedule.log.

You can view the contents of the log file by selecting the 'Log' > 'Scheduler' node (under the Server tab). This opens the 'Log View' page. Select the 'All' option to display the entire contents of the log file (maximum 3000 lines by default), or enter the number of lines from the end of the file to display.

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