InetSoft Reporting Software - Report Scheduler Options

The report scheduler options in InetSoft's reporting software require only a few minutes to setup and can significantly improve the distribution of reports. View the information below to learn more about the Style Intelligence solution.

There are several options available when executing a scheduler task.


A task can be temporarily enabled or disabled by selecting or deselecting this option.

Delete if not scheduled to run again

If a task is scheduled to run once, this option will delete it from the system once it runs.

Start From and Stop On

A task will only execute within the specified date range.

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Execute As

A task can be executed as a user, in which case user permissions will influence the execution of the task. For example, if VPMs are set up, different users will see different data. All of the existing users who have permission to use the scheduler will be included in the drop down list.


A different locale can be specified for each individual task by using this option.
In addition to the 'Report' and 'Burst' actions, 'User Defined' actions can also be specified for a scheduled task. Using a 'User Defined' Action involves the following steps:

• Create a class which implements 'inetsoft.sree.schedule.UserAction', or extends 'inetsoft.sree.schedule.DefaultUserAction'.
• Add this class to the CLASSPATH of the scheduler.
• Select 'User Defined' as the action type in the task.
• Specify the action's fully qualified class name in the Action tab of the task definition.

For ease of use, you can add a line to that sets replet.viewer.schedule.actions to a comma-separated list of classes. This will populate a drop-down menu that will set the correct class. When selected, the parameter table will also be populated with the available parameters and default values.

It is possible to specify multiple actions. Click on the 'Multiple Actions' button in the bottom right of the editing panel. This will display the scheduled action list, to which you can add, delete, or edit actions by clicking on the 'Add', 'Delete' and 'Edit' buttons, respectively.

InetSoft Viewpoint

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