Monitoring Report Server Activity

InetSoft's Style Intelligence makes monitoring report server activity simple by providing the tools for self monitoring. View the information below to learn more about this powerful reporting software.

The 'Monitoring' node under the Server tab also allows you to monitor and manage a variety of aspects of server activity. On these pages, you can view reports, Viewsheets, and queries that are currently executing on the server, and can terminate undesired activity. You can also view the current users logged in, and terminate any undesired sessions.

The 'Help Configuration' page under the 'Configuration' node allows you to specify the location of the HTML documentation files. Enter an absolute path or relative path (relative to server root) to the parent directory of the “_HTMLDoc.htm” help file.

Users can view end-user documentation by clicking the 'Help' link in the User Portal, or by clicking a 'Help' button in Visual Composer. Administrators can view the developer documentation by clicking the 'Help' link in Enterprise Manager.

Style Intelligence monitoring features utilize managed bean (MBean) technology, which allows you to access certain monitoring information from a remote computer.

The 'Settings' page under the 'Monitoring' node allows you to make global adjustments to the resolution of monitoring activity. The following options are available

A 'Monitoring Level' of at least 'Low' is needed for basic access

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Monitoring Level

Determines the resolution with which server events are monitored, 'Low', 'Medium', or 'High'. Data The level required for monitoring a given property is noted in the following sections.

Sample Period

The duration in seconds over which monitoring metrics (e.g., throughput) should be aggregated.

Data Set Size

The number of data points that should be displayed on the charts of the 'Summary' page.

Refresh Interval

The time in seconds between monitoring page updates. A shorter value will keep the displays more current.

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