Monitoring Report Execution

The 'Reports' page under the 'Monitoring' node provides key information about reports that are currently executing on the server, as well as reports that are awaiting execution, and those that have already been executed.

A pending report is a report that the user has requested, but that has not yet been assigned an execution thread (due to natural or designed processing limitations). As soon as the required processing resources become available, the pending report will be generated and immediately displayed to the user. Note that a pending report is different that a queued report.

A queued report is a report that the user has requested, and for which they have then explicitly clicked the 'Add to Queue' button on the report loading screen. The queued report continues to execute, but is not automatically displayed to the user.

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In a clustered environment, select a machine from 'Cluster Node' menu to view the monitoring statistics for that machine.

Replet ID

A unique identifier for the report.


The thread within which the report is executing. Click the link to obtain a stack trace.


The name of the report.


The user who executed the report.


The number or report pages that have been processed. (Requires 'Monitoring Level' set to 'Medium' on the 'Settings' page.)


The time elapsed since report generation began.

To terminate a report, click the 'Select' box next to the report, and then click the 'Remove' button below the table. The 'Remove' button has the following effect for the different report states:

• For an executing report, 'Remove' terminates execution, and removes any generated pages from cache. • For a pending report, 'Remove' deletes the report from the list of pending reports, which prevents the report from executing. • For a completed report that remains active in the cache, 'Remove' deletes the cached report pages. Subsequent user requests for this report instance will result in a “Session timeout” message.

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