More Reporting Classes

BeanSheet Class

A report bean is a reusable report component that is stored in a bean library archive file (*.srl). The class extends the StyleSheet Class. The properties of elements that are laid out on a BeanSheet can be selectively exposed so that they can be manipulated by the report that uses the Bean.

Previewer Class

The provides a way to preview the report before printing. It is a standalone window and can be opened by the main application. Another class,, can be used to create a panel that can be dropped into a user-defined container.

JPreviewer Class

JPreviewer is a Swing based previewer. It implements the PreviewView interface and can be used in the same way as the Previewer.

TableLens Interface

The interface defines the API for InetSoft table models. The ReportSheet accepts TableLens objects as tables. There are several ways to get a TableLens object, which will be covered later in this document.

Report Table Adapters Classes

The and contain table adapter classes to create a TableLens object from a Swing JTable or a Tea Set grid.

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Report Table Style Classes

The package contains over 80 pre-defined table styles. The style classes can be combined with other TableLens classes to easily create professional looking tables.

Report Presenter and Painter Classes

Presenters and painters are classes that can render and paint an area in the report. The presenter and painter interfaces are defined in the package. The package contains a number of implementations of presenter/painter interfaces for rendering specific types of data.

ChartLens Interface

The interface defines the data model for a chart. It contains methods for retrieving data and attributes for a chart. The interface can be implemented directly to get a chart model. Alternatively, one of its implementation classes, AbstractChartLens or DefaultChartLens can be used to create charts.


XSessionManager provides the API for processing report data queries. It can be used to find all query parameters, or execute the queries and populate the report with query output. It supports all queries bound to a report element through the Designer.