InetSoft: Report Enterprise Manager Overview

The following is an overview of the report enterprise manager feature of InetSoft's reporting software. View the information below to learn more about the Style Intelligence solution.

The Enterprise Manager is used to administer the server by providing an interface to the configuration files. The configuration files are stored in a single registry directory. The Enterprise Manager is a servlet known as AdmServlet.

Style Intelligence allows the server side reports (known as replets) to be deployed in the embedded Tomcat server or another application server of choice. Deployment of an entire repository is automated for several popular application servers; otherwise it must be deployed manually. Prior to deployment the replets must first be placed in a jar file.

An archive service is also provided. Reports can be archived using either the file system or CVS (Concurrent Versioning System). CVS is usually packaged with UNIX servers, and is available for download from the Internet.
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Additionally, Style Intelligence provides a scheduling service. Scheduled reports can be saved in a particular format, delivered by email, saved in an archive or printed to a printer. In order for this function to work, email, archiving, printers, etc., must first be set up for the reporting server environment in the Enterprise Manager.

A security service is also provided, which allows groups to be created and allows users to belong to those groups. Once these groups are set up, resources can have permissions associated with them, only allowing particular users, or users with particular roles, or users belonging to a particular group to view them. It is also possible to gain user and group information from a directory server.

Scorecard setup is also facilitated by the Enterprise Manager. Metric creation, as well as registration of any custom target triggers or custom target actions, is to be performed in the Enterprise Manager by an administrator.

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