Java-based Reporting Integration Solution

One of the greatest advantages of Style Intelligence is its flexibility and adaptability; it does not limit you to a single deployment or presentation framework. Instead, you can seamlessly integrate Style Intelligence components into your unique application at many different levels.

Because our integrated reporting software is implemented entirely in Java, it is immediately compatible with any J2EE compliant environment. You can make use of web services, customize the built-in portal, and pass credentials directly from your application to the Style Intelligence framework for single sign-on.

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This document discusses these and other ways to integrate Style Intelligence into an existing environment. It contains the following major topics.

  • CSS Interface Customization - Customizing the look and feel of the built-in InetSoft portal using CSS files to incorporate the different presentation themes in a custom report portal.
  • Dashboard Integration - Using the InetSoft Dashboard in your web application context root.
  • IFrame Integration - Integrating InetSoft products into a web page using IFrames.
  • JSP Tag Library for J2EE Environment - Embedding reports into a custom JSP page. An explanation of the InetSoft JSP tag library. Web deployment considerations and settings. Sample JSP code for embedding a report into a JSP page.
  • SOAP Web Services - Accessing reporting server functionality via a web-service. Setting up the web service framework for different application servers. Programming SOAP calls, with sample code.
  • IIS Web Server - How to access InetSoft from an application running in an IIS server. A discussion of the different options and configurations available.
  • Share Point Portal Framework - How to deploy an InetSoft dashboard/replet as a 'web part' directly into a Share Point portal framework.
  • Configuring Single Sign-On - Implementing single sign-on to directly pass user credentials to an InetSoft server without multiple logins. Discussion of the two recommended methods of implementing single sign-on with sample code.
  • Building a Custom Report Tree/List - Getting a customized list of reports for a given user via a JSP/Servlet.
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