A Highly Integratable Reporting Solution from InetSoft

For application providers seeking embeddable reporting or for enterprises looking for a reporting solution to embed in an enterprise portal, InetSoft's Style Intelligence offers a reporting solution that is highly integratable into other applications and offers maximum user interface customization.

Style Intelligence allows users to monitor dynamic key performance indicators and operations data across multiple data sources and platforms in real-time with these capbalities:

  • Create Web-based dashboards
  • Monitor multiple data sources simultaneously
  • Generate a wide variety of custom reports
  • Easy to configure

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Maximum User Interface Integration

The importance of reporting tools has grown considerably over time, as evidenced by the ubiquity of web-based reporting in every department, across the enterprise. A complete enterprise reporting solution needs to provide access to a wide range of data sources, must have the right mix of features & functionality, and must be easy to use.

Equally as important, it must fit easily into the business processes of each enterprise organization and fulfill the need of multiple layers of management. This means that the data querying aspects of the reporting solution must be invisible to the end-user and must look and feel like a normal part of the business application used by either internal administrators or their customers.

Style Intelligence is 100% open standards based and relies on open standards such as; JSP, SOAP, and portlets to ensure tight interface integration.

How Style Intelligence Overcomes Common Problems That Stem from Integrated Reporting Solutions

Below are some common problems that arise from attempting to integrate reporting in a Web application, and how Style Intelligence solves those problems through the use of these open standards is explained.

JSP Tag Library Problem:

My product or Web application requires a single, unified user interface but most reporting tools do not integrate seamlessly, and require a lot of additional work to provide even partial integration.

Style Intelligence Solution:

Style Intelligence provides a complete JSP tag library that can be used to integrate reports into any Web portal or interface that is using JSP technology.

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Dashboard Problem:

I want to provide my end-users with configurable dashboards that display a snapshot of current business conditions. These dashboards need to be configurable and must allow the end-user to specify which reports to include as well as where they are to be positioned.

Style Intelligence Solution:

Style Intelligence solves this problem by providing support for standard portlets. Portlet technology offers advantages due to the flexibility that it provides developers and end-users alike. Developers need only create a set of reports and deploy them as portlets. They can then be placed into any end-user’s dashboard. The user can modify which portlets to use and where to place them inside of the dashboard.

These reports are fully functional and interactive. Drilldown, interactive forms, export, and other report functions are all enabled on these dashboard portlets. Style Intelligence uses Jetspeed as its built-in portlet engine, but IBM Websphere and BEA WebLogic may be used as well.

An Embeddable Reporting Solution

By offering tools and features that enable reports to be embedded seamlessly within other Web applications, Style Intelligence software meets the needs of enterprise or commercial application developers. Instead of being apart from other Web applications, Style Intelligence software becomes a part of the business process that users or customers have become familiar with and accustomed to, just like any other internal or customer-facing Web application.

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