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This a continuation of the transcript of a Webinar hosted by InetSoft titled "What's New in BI." The speaker is Mark Flaherty, CMO at InetSoft.

Mark Flaherty: So which graphics rendering technology will win out? Today HTML5 is the predominant technology for delivering that animation or what can be called rich reporting. You also have to look at the build process for you to take advantage of a technology.

In the best world, you have an existing report or an existing dashboard and you do a simple ‘save as’ and enhance it with animation. That would be the ideal. But the reality is today you have to use a separate design environment.

There is still so much that is left to the imagination of the developer how you use the animation. We, too, are providing a tool set and a blank canvas for you to design whatever interactive report or dashboard you wish. And because this is still emerging, you have to think of some best practices around when to use it.

So besides making information more appealing, it can also make information more actionable. Imagine an animation that shows within a dashboard if you are getting low on inventory or if your actual expenses are exceeding your budget, and maybe there is a red flashing indicator that is telling you to go and investigate that.

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Where does the industry stand? Rich reporting is gaining in maturity. The value is in that interface appeal, but it’s also making BI more interactive when you’re mobile, and has the potential to highlight what’s important, so speeding up that time to insight, what should you be paying attention to. In terms of positioning, this is an innovation that provides value for all users across the full user spectrum.

So given that, I would recommend that this is an innovation that all organizations should be leveraging, but make sure you are considering best practices for effective use. One data point I saw recently is that only 43% of companies are taking advantage of this. So while the technology is fairly mature, it’s use is still in the minority.

Customer Testimonial

InetSoft is a pioneering developer of business reporting software with fifteen years of experience providing dashboard and reporting solutions to enterprises and OEMs. The company’s flagship BI application, named Style Intelligence, is a full-featured business intelligence solution that is 100% Java at the server level and HTML5 and JavaScript at the client level. The Web-based BI solution’s SOA architecture and open standards-based technology make it ideal for wide-scale deployment as a standalone application or for rapid embedding into other Web-based solutions.

The product’s high-performance data access engine and data mashup capability allows organizations to combine disparate data sources ranging from data warehouses to operational data stores such as those in ERP or CRM applications to Web service data feeds.

“We selected InetSoft as our preferred business intelligence solution” commented Steve Wilson, MD at CampionPPS, “because it is so easy for end-users to get to grips with, it’s very quick to get up and running, it’s affordable for our clients, and it’s a very powerful and robust business intelligence solution that can make a real difference to our client’s business performance”.

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