Business Intelligence Software Provider Reviews

Since 1996 InetSoft has been an innovating provider of business intelligence software. To date, our software has been used by over 5,000 organizations across the world and has been embedded into commercial solutions of other ISVs and SaaS providers. Read customer and partner reviews on G2 Crowd and Software Advice:

bi software provider Reviews
bi software provider Reviews

InetSoft Was the Clear Winner

“The product has many great features. The vendor is always available to help with implementation, technical support and enhancements. The product is reasonably priced.We conducted a pretty extensive market research for our customers and users and evaluated several products before selecting InetSoft's solution. For our requirements and for our budget, InetSoft was the clear winner. Anyone considering a mission critical software solution should evaluate the most promising products before their final commitment.” - Hadi Rezazad, CEO at Orchid Technology

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Real Power in the Reporting Mash Up

"We especially liked he flexibility within the product. While we were looking for a dashboard based business intelligence software what we received is much more. While we use the dashboard to some degree, we use the data exports for much of our internal analysis. But the real power came in the reporting mash up we could do. We use a high percent of our reports in operations to control product movement within our facilities. Another great use is analyzing our customer service. I still believe that we have only tapped about 30% of InetSoft's potential. A major benefit has been how it links the various databases we utilize in an easy and efficient manner." - Jim Schnurr – Director of Customer Solutions at Hillcrest Foodservice

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Quickly Transform and Integrate Data

“I really appreciate the ability to quickly transform and integrate data from multiple applications and database source types so we can create a common set of reports and metrics for business units using different systems to track their engineering data. Be sure to sign up for complimentary product training webinars, it will help. Learn Java and try to keep reports as simple as possible (do not try to do everything on one view sheet).” - Jeff Besch, Senior Principal Engineer at Broadcom

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Unrivaled Extensibility

“We like InetSoft's extensibility and open architecture. The level of customization through Java and Javascript is impressive and supports a huge variety of use cases. Presenters and formula tables are very powerful concepts.We chose Style Intelligence because the extensibility of the product via Java and Javascript was unrivaled. Our use cases are not standard, and we could not find any product that supported our use cases out-of-box. All systems have constraints. Style Intelligence has fewer, or perhaps more options to work around or through the limitations than any other software we evaluated. ” - James McCormick, Project Leader at Data Solutions Inc.

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Very Responsive

“InetSoft has been very responsive. We have had great interactions with the team, and we have valued the comprehensive training. At this time we are very happy and have nothing we dislike. Be prepared and make sure you participate in the complete training program. Sure, you can learn quite a bit on your own and through the great training videos but we guarantee you will discover many things and how powerful their tools are when you dedicate the time to the end to end training - ours was 10 1/2 business days and it was time well spent.” - Brian Hayes at DataPath

Business Intelligence software provider reviews

Our Enterprise Solution

“We have a good relationship with InetSoft. They are receptive to feedback and generally implement changes quickly. Their solutions are flexible and can meet many use cases. We use InetSoft as our enterprise solution. It handles the gambit of use cases from simple ad hoc reports to complex dashboard and everything in between. The benefits and flexible of the tool has been incredibly powerful in enabling a distributed development environment that allows all levels of the organization visibility and access to data.” - Alex McKay, Lead, Information Services at Expeditors International

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User Friendliness

“We like the look and feel, ease of use, user friendliness, rich functionality, open systems standards, ability to create dashboards with actionable triggers and support for decision making for all personnel (staff, engineers, managers and executives). My recommendation for how to compare BI providers is to look for: available list of functionality, the list of mathematical functions (simple & complex), drag and drop design, intuitive graphics, ease of learning, following and creating dashboards (simple & complex), good support organization, location of the support personnel (domestic vs. international), sample work from the vendor and references about that work from the customers” - Sam Zamani, CEO at IMCI

Superior Product All Around

“Superior product all around! Great tech and customer service! The product is robust and flexible. The entire suite of products are easy to use. The entire InetSoft Team from sales to tech support is outstanding and always helpful. I have no negatives to state. So far my experiences have been all positive. So it is difficult to find anything to actually complain about. Both the product and vendor have met my expectations and more. Get on a webnair or demo with the sales team and watch the magic unfold before you” - Giovanni Balsamo, Project Manager at Goodwill Industries

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