InetSoft vs Looker Comparison

Recently, users on G2 Crowd roundly endorsed the superiority of Style Intelligence over competing BI platform Looker. From the user level to the administrative, from data mashups to customization, InetSoft's Style Intelligence outranked it's competitor in nearly every category.

G2 Crowd is a Chicago-based firm that collects reviews on other companies' software products, targeting the CRM and marketing automation markets in additiona to business intelligence software. It prides itself on being an unbiased platform where real users share their feedback.

Data from peer reviews, web traffic, and other social media data from LinkedIn, Twitter etc. are fed into a formula that gives more weight to peer reviews over others.

inetsoft looker comparison dashboard

A Good Alternative to Looker

InetSoft users on the G2 Crowd website express their appreciation for InetSoft’s ability to be deployed in a matter of hours, as opposed to deployments stretching on for weeks that are typical of other BI platforms. On the other hand, users of Looker have complained of its inability to handle large amounts of data as it is more geared toward accommodating smaller workloads.

Other limitations of Looker include not being able to modify the look of complex visualizations, and having to port data using outdated methodologies such as an ETL processes.

InetSoft Style Intelligence rated higher in Big Data Services, Data Visualization, Ease of Use, and Ease of Setup. In addition, InetSoft is rated higher in Customization and Breadth of Partner applications because of its ability to combine data sources and provide easily customizable data modeling.

Unfortunately, Lookers interface sets out to accomplish self-service but falls short of ranking higher than InetSoft in its abilities to search data, filter data columns and calculate fields, all functions which empower the end user to continue in their data discovery.

It is because of this that InetSoft is better suited for collaboration and workflow to accomplish anything else performance related. InetSoft outperforms Looker in WYSIWYG report Design and Integrating APIs and also won high ratings in User, Role and Access Management.