ASP.NET Reporting Tools

InetSoft's Style Intelligence software is unique. As a 100% Web-based application, Style Intelligence offers users rapid implementation and low maintenance overhead. Zero-client deployment requires only a Web browser.

A powerful patent-pending technology called Data Block™ enables great self-service, adaptability, and overall efficacy via real-time data mashup and re-usable data access queries.

Input and control elements such as range slides and selection lists maximize interactivity.

Style Intelligence offers users the ability to serve data needs in a single compact, multi-paneled dashboard that otherwise would have required paging through dozens of static reports based on older technologies. InetSoft's technology is easy, agile, and robust.

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A professional authoring tool combines word-processing grade design with dynamic data manipulation. Key benefits include the ability to:

  • Convey professional, high fidelity presentations
  • Transform and manipulate raw data
  • Embed business logic with scripting
  • Enhance manageability and agility

You can deliver on-demand reports on the Web. In-report exploration capabilities empower business users with the ability to reshape information in real time. Key benefits includes the ability to: 

  • Aggregate up-to-the-minute information
  • Reshape reports in real time
  • Minimize performance bottlenecks

InetSoft’s AJAX and Flash powered Web 2.0 technology brings a desktop grade Web user experience to ad hoc query and reporting. Key benefits are the ability to:

  • Extend professionally designed reports
  • Gather information by self service queries
  • Produce presentation quality reports on the Web
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Integration can be as simple or as complex as you want it to be. Because it is a is a Web application, all directives can be sent to the application server via a Web URL.

The recommended approach is to use IFRAMES. The source of that IFRAME will point to an InetSoft server instance. You can set up a seamless sign on to the InetSoft report portal by passing in the "userid" and "password" as URL parameters or hidden form fields. You can selectively skin out portions of the InetSoft portal and embed them in the ASP.