Best Business Reporting Tool in 2024

To be considered the best, what key qualities do you look for in reporting tools? Is it the cost? Maybe the functionality? Perhaps the available options? InetSoft specializes in providing businesses and organizations with reporting tools that cater to the needs of the users whether it be through the vast tools, friendly user-experience, and/or competitive pricing.

At InetSoft, we offer multiple reporting solutions that service users' wants and needs with added flexibility to create the perfect report deliverables.

While maintaining industry standards, our solutions for your reporting problems are carried out by powerful authoring tools to manage business logic, manipulate data, and present information clearly and effectively.

With our Style Report™ Enterprise, web-based software, we equip users with a one-of-a-kind experience, topped off with production reports, interactive reports, and ad hoc reports in a zero-client, Web environment. If your company is looking for ad hoc reporting, J2EE reporting, and Web based reporting, Style Report™ is the perfect solution for you.

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Enterprise Reporting

InetSoft allows both IT and business users to work cohesively with authoring tools in a highly scalable deployment environment.

Our dynamic reporting software is capable of on-demand, interactive reporting and scheduling, bursting, and archiving of reports. These features are integrated innovatively into our professional authoring tool. This tool combines the power of word-processing grade design with dynamic data manipulation allowing the creation of sophisticated reports from the simple interface of the software.

In addition to the report authoring tool, we have incorporated an ad hoc query and reporting feature to our enterprise software. Business reporting software users are empowered with the ability to create both data-focused ad hoc queries and presentation-focused ad hoc reports. Ultimately, the combination of the two compliments your ability to analyze data and make better business decisions.

Embedded Report Engine

For original equipment manufacturers (OEM), we provide embeddable, easy-to-use tools made possible by InetSoft's SOA and Java architecture, small footprint, and open standards-based technology. Having the luxury of an easily embeddable engine onto a Java-based Web or desktop application reduces data query and manipulation complexity, direct XML, Javascript and Java skills, lower maintenance and management costs, and most importantly deliver high quality reports and presentations.

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Chart from InetSoft's Solution for Best Business Reporting Tool

Customer Testimonial

"We selected InetSoft's Style Report Professional for a time-tested, dependable publishing engine and a powerful, yet easy-to-use report designer that would save resources associated with internal development of publishing capabilities and client customization requests. We were looking for a Java-based publishing solution that could be easily integrated with our own. We have been pleased with deployment, and the reporting software’s part in our ability to help companies of all sizes realize cost reduction and revenue acceleration associated with critical configuration and accurate quoting solutions."

- Craig Christiansen, President-Technology at FPX