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Business intelligence software allows users to create reports and dashboards to monitor their business, as well as many more functions to aid operations. They combine executive information systems with IT functionality to provide a framework for your business.

If your organization utilizes business intelligence software properly, it can greatly aid overall performance. This is why you should keep certain BI best practices in mind when starting a BI venture. Software like this has only gotten better with time. Here are the BI best practices that every business should follow to be successful in a BI environment:

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Find an experienced BI provider

A BI provider, such as InetSoft, is an organization that understands the value of business intelligence and will champion and promote the project across your organization. BI providers will also help you set budgets for your BI project.

Alignment between IT and Business

A critical factor for BI success is establishing an alignment between IT and business. To start, identify the intent and expectation of your BI initiative. These ambitions should be closely aligned with the business objectives and strategy.

Understanding the information needs across the organization as well as by the stakeholder groups is a crucial element of success. Ideally, this will include prioritization of needs both within and across stakeholder groups.

Outline Architecture and Standards

Define architecture for various facets of your particular BI infrastructure. Develop and maintain standards regarding design, definitions, processes, tools, and technologies required to implement BI.

Develop, Execute, and Appraise

Develop a plan, enact your plan, and measure actual process down the line against desired results. This will allow you to manage key decision points within your desired program timeline. Develop metrics that will measure both the implementation and ongoing success of BI.

InetSoft's Style Intelligence Business Solution

As you read above, you want to seek out an experienced BI providers. Having served over 5,000 customers since 1996, InetSoft has that experience. The Style Intelligence software offered by InetSoft will allow you to create both dashboards and reports on par with your needs. The software features a truly unique user interface that focuses on ease of use for non-IT employees, while still offering advanced programming and customization options for advanced users.

Drag and drop data to create dashboards and reports in literally minutes. Simple design mechanics will let users create highly customizable and dynamic dashboards, intuitive reports, and a new sense of control over your business's data today. Watch a quick intro video or visit the evaluate page to try it for yourself.

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